Harilin's Leap

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Harilin's Leap is an inn in Jarra. It is a square stone building with a stable. It is the only inn in the village. The sign hanging above the door shows an image of a man standing on one foot with his arms thrown in the air and the name. The innkeeper is called Master Harod. Simion also works in the inn, as do two stableboys, Nico and Patrim.

Rand stayed part of a night in the inn after playing the flute all day at the plague of weddings the town witnessed. He woke the whole inn up with screams in the middle of the night from one of his dreams. He left then, continuing on toward Tear.

A couple of Whitecloaks in the town go mad and try to set fire to the inn before other Whitecloaks chase them off.

Moiraine, Lan, Perrin and Loial stop there for a night as they try to catch up with Rand. Simion takes Perrin his meals to his room as Whitecloaks have been asking about the town for a Perrin with yellow eyes and due to what happened to Simion's brother Noam, he knows Perrin is no Darkfriend.

(Reference: The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 8)