The Eye of the World: Chapter 12

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Author: Dinn da Noor

Flame of Tar Valon Chapter Icon.png

Across the Taren

Chapter Icon: Flame of Tar Valon

Point of View: Rand

Setting: Taren Ferry

Characters: Rand, Mat, Perrin, Egwene, Thom, Lan, Moiraine, Master Hightower, various Taren Ferry villagers


They cross the Taren and Moiraine sinks the ferry. She tests Egwene, who channels for the first time.


The party walk after Lan without spotting any other people in the thick fog. They arrive at the ferry landing, where Lan gets Perrin and Rand to throw their cloaks back, so that their weapons, the axe and the sword, are exposed.

Shortly​ after, Master Hightower comes down to the landing, accompanied by six men. Rand and Lan put their hands on their sword hilts, Mat, a hand on his quiver, Perrin eases his axe in its leather loop and Thom starts trimming his fingernails with a dagger. These actions seem to make Master Hightower nervous, and he quickly points out that the gold he got is now safely hidden.

They then enter the ferry, "a wooden barge with high sides, boarded by a ramp," and as soon as they've gathered in the center of the ferry, they start crossing the River Taren.

When Rand quietly asks Lan whether they would've tried to rob them, the Warder replies "when what they do is hidden, men sometimes deal with strangers in ways they wouldn't if there were other eyes to see."

After a journey in silence, they arrive on the other side, where Master Hightower gets his gold, and the haulers a silver mark each for "the quick crossing". As he eyes Lan's purse greedily, the ferry suddenly gets loose with a loud creak. It's taken in a whirlpool, and Lan gives Master Hightower some more gold, before he and his haulers start trotting up the riverside.

When Thom asks why Moiraine doesn't cover them with fog on this side of the river as the Draghkar can easily see them where they are, she tells him that Draghkar are not very smart, and that the Myrddraal probably will have to divide his efforts to find them. Mat asks awkwardly about the ferry, and she explains that she intends​ to get them safely to Tar Valon.

They then walk up the riverbank and into the woods where they stop at a dried-up watercourse, hidden under a heap of trees. Lan tells them that he expected them to stop there, as it "seemed a likely place". He then goes to check the horses.

Moiraine asks Egwene if they can talk, and they crawl into a pile of tree trunks to talk for themselves.

Lan hands the others feedbags and some oats for the horses. When Perrin remarks that it doesn't look like they need any rest, the Warder tells them that they can run at their fastest until the second they drop dead by exhaustion they never even felt.

They can hear the Draghkar's shrieks, but according to Lan, it's just searching the river for them.

The rest of the party then crawls into the opening Egwene and Moiraine had gone into, where they find a cave with a roof of tree trunks and branches. Moiraine and Egwene sit on the other side of a fire, Moiraine talking about the One Power. She tells Egwene that she is one of the handful who don't have to learn to use the One Power as she is born with it, and will eventually start to channel.

She holds up a blue stone and guides Egwene in her first attempt to channel light into it, and she manages to produce a small flicker all by her own. Moiraine tells her that she has accomplished something most women who come to the Tower take months to learn, and that she one day even may become the Amyrlin Seat. She cries out in delight and tells Rand that she will be an Aes Sedai.



  • Why does Thom growl when Moiraine mentions the Reds and gentling?
  • What is the sword that cannot be touched?

Character Development

  • Rand inadvertently draws his sword after the draghkar attacked and felt foolish
  • Rand doesn’t really believe all the stories about Taren Ferry folk


"Better to spit in a wolf's eye than cross an Aes Sedai"


  • Leatherleafs, Oaks


This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.


  • Why does Thom growl when Moiraine mentions the Reds and gentling?

We find out later that his nephew, Owyn was gentled

  • What is the sword that cannot be touched



  • You may go far, perhaps even the Amyrlin Seat one day, if you study hard and work hard - Moiraine to Egwene

This turns out to be correct

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