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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.

Author: Toral Delvar


Taren Ferry is the northernmost village in the Two Rivers of Andor, lying on the River Tarendrelle, commonly called the River Taren. It is the only crossing across the river and as its name suggests, this is by ferry, rather than a bridge. As with the rest of the Two Rivers, and much of Andor, the village is run by the Village Council, led by the Mayor, and the Women's Circle, led by the Wisdom (TWoRJTWoT, Ch. 27).

Although geographically part of the Two Rivers, culturally and ethnically it is distinct, a legacy of the many years of mixing with outsiders not seen in the other villages. Few of the people in the rest of the Two Rivers know people in Taren Ferry, or have even been there (TSR, Ch. 4).

The buildings are taller than in Emond's Field because of their high redstone foundations, necessary for when the Taren bursts its banks in the spring (TEotW, Ch. 11).

The people in Emond's Field think Taren Ferry folk have a reputation for dishonesty and slyness. They have names that seem unusual to the others, such as Hilltop, Stoneboat and Hightower (TEotW, Ch. 11).

When the Whitecloaks arrive, the Taren Ferry people say that they have no Darkfriends, but that the folk further south are the Darkfriend kind (TSR, Ch. 1).

The village is all but destroyed, with most of the population killed during the battle of the Two Rivers (TSR, Ch. 45). Following this, Perrin visits the village in Tel'aran'rhiod and sees that nearly half of the houses are in rubble. After the destruction, the village is rebuilt, almost entirely of newcomers from across the The Mountains of Mist. They accept Two Rivers ways however, and even choose a Village Council and Wisdom (LoC, Prologue). Faile interfered in the election for Mayor in Taren Ferry and this was one of the few occasions that she roused Perrin to true fury (LoC, Prologue).

Characters from Taren Ferry

Master Hightower

Milla al'Azar


"If your shook hands with a Taren Ferry man, people said, you counted your fingers afterwards" (Rand; The Eye of the World, Chapter 12).

"A cat for a hat or a hat for a cat but nothing for nothing" (Taren Ferry saying, Lord of Chaos, Chapter 18).

"You have as much gratitude as a bloody Taren Ferry man with a toothache" (Mat to Elayne, Nynaeve and Egwene, The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 55)