The Eye of the World: Chapter 14

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Author: Arn Oakenskye

Dragon's Fang Chapter Icon.png

The Stag and Lion

Chapter Icon: Dragon's Fang

Point of View: Rand

Setting: The Stag and Lion Inn

Characters: Moiraine, Lan, Rand, Mat, Perrin, Egwene, Thom, Min, Master Fitch, Ara


The group arrive at the Stag and Lion. Rand has a dream of Ba'alzamon.


Master Fitch leads everyone into the bustling Inn. Moiraine asks about the Children of the Light being in town and Fitch says not to worry, they're up to tricks claiming there are Aes Sedai in Baerlon. A servant named Ara arrives to lead Rand, Mat, Perrin and Thom away to hot baths while another leads Moiraine and Egwene away.

In the bath chamber, Ara makes a few comments about Ghealdan trouble and Trollocs in Saldaea. Mat nearly tells him about Trollocs in the Two Rivers except for Rand, Perrin and Thom putting in words just in time to stop him. Lan shows up in the baths, sends Ara away and lectures the boys again about what they say.

After the baths, Rand spots a girl in mens clothing and short hair with Moiraine. She looks at them sharply, nods to Moiraine and then hurries away.

They then settle down for some dinner in a private dinning room. They listen to Lan speak of the rumors people are saying around town. Of the false Dragon Logain being the victor in Ghealdan. He says there are no strangers that could be Myrddraal and certainly no Trollocs. Also that Whitecloaks are in town and trying to make things difficult for the Governor. Moiraine suggests that they remain in Baerlon a couple days and Lan agrees so long as they remember what he told them.

Returning to his room, Rand drifts to sleep. Rand finds himself in a shadowy stone hallway with doors spaced at regular intervals. He walks down the unchanging hallway for a long time before opening one of the doors into a grim, stone walled chamber. Rand finds a man in dark clothing with a mouth and eyes of flame. Rand hurls himself out of the room, across the hallway and into another room, identical to the first with the same man there waiting for him, Ba'alzamon.

Ba'alzamon asks Rand if he was told that the Eye of the World would serve him. He also says that the Amyrlin Seat will use him until there is nothing left of him.

Rand is frightened and tells Ba'alzamon that he is bound in Shayol Ghul. Ba'alzamon says that he has never been bound, that he was with Lews Therin Kinslayer when he killed everyone he cared for. And that he whispered in Artur Hawkwing's ear and Aes Sedai died. He whispered again and the High King sent his armies across the Aryth Ocean dooming his dream of one land and one king. Ba'alzamon says that if he could control those men, what chance does Rand have.

Rand insists that he is dreaming. Ba'alzamon curves his finger and breaks a rat's back then tries to break Rand's back to prove to him he is not dreaming.

Rand awakes and finds Lan and Thom asleep. Rand wonders if Moiraine can help with the dreams and if he can trust her. Slowly sleep comes back over him.


Common Themes

The isolation of the Two Rivers
  • Ara doesn't know that the Two Rivers is known as the Two Rivers (he calls it the Rivers).

This is a little odd as Two Rivers Tabac is so widely known

Character Development

  • Egwene doesn't let Rand apologise
  • Mat tells Thom's stories with his own modifications and had intended to tell all about trollocs, despite the warnings
  • Almost as good as the Winespring inn" - About the Stag and Lion
  • Has never heard of Saldaea


  • What does Ba'alzamon mean that Rand's parents were chosen by the White Tower?
  • If the Covenant of the Ten Nations was the second covenant, what was the first?
  • What is the Doom yet to come?
  • What is the Eye of the World?
  • Did Ba'alazamon start the Trolloc Wars?


First Appearance
  • Ara, Mari, Cinda
First mention
  • Logain and Governor Adan named for the first time.
  • Davian, Yurain Stonebow, Guaire Amalasan, Raolain Darksbane


  • Ba'alzamon claims to have stood with Lews Therin when he killed himself and to have given him the moment of sanity.

This pretty much makes him Ishamael, so even at this stage, it should be clear he isn't actually the Dark One. If we hadn't been told by Moiraine that Ba'alzamon was a name for the Dark One, we probably wouldn't have concluded that ourselves.

  • Logain has won another battle
  • Lan says he suspects everyone outside Tar Valon and half of those inside. He's probably exagerating





Turnip, Henpeas


This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.


  • What does Ba'alzamon mean that Rand's parents were chosen by the White Tower?

They weren't, he's lying

  • If the Covenant of the Ten Nations was the second covenant, what was the first?

It seems likely it was the agreement of the Aiel to follow the Way of the Leaf - the Green man later asks if the People of the Dragon have returned to the first Covenant

  • What is the Doom yet to come?

It is not clear. He could be speaking about something from the Dark Prophecies, or just lying

  • What is the Eye of the World?

A pool of pure untainted saidin

  • Did Ba'alazamon start the Trolloc Wars?

No, he wasn't spun out until after they had begun, but he did found the Black Ajah in that time.

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