The Eye of the World: Chapter 21

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Author: Arn Oakenskye

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Listen to the Wind

Chapter Icon: A Staff

Point of View: Nynaeve

Setting: Woods along the River Arinelle

Characters: Moiraine, Lan, Nynaeve


Nynaeve catches up with Moiraine and Lan and learns she can channel. She agrees to go with them to find the boys.


Nynaeve wakes in a hollow near the River Arinelle and sets out downriver with her horse. She warily watches the woods for Trollocs as well as the ground ahead of her for any tracks that'll help lead her to the boys and Egwene.

Nynaeve catches the scent of wood smoke and stalks through the woods to a clearing where Moiraine and Lan are speaking. Hiding behind a tree Nynaeve listens to Moiraine and Lan talk about the Trollocs the night before and wonder how they'd gotten so far from the Borderlands so quickly. Moiraine tells Lan that she'd done some searching and says that one of the boys is across the river and there is a faint trace of the others downriver.

Moiraine senses Nynaeve and tells her to come out and Lan whirls around drawing his sword. Nynaeve feels some satisfaction that the Warder was unaware of her. Nynaeve approaches Moiraine demanding to know what dirty Aes Sedai schemes she got Egwene and the boys into. Lan raises his arm and bars Nynaeve's way. Moiraine tells Nynaeve that she can wield the One Power and that's how she could sense her. Nynaeve thinks that the Aes Sedai is trying to off balance her and denies what Moiraine says.

Moiraine talks of the people in Emond's Field telling her about all the wonderful things their young Wisdom could do. Nynaeve only answers that Mistress Barran taught her well. Moiraine goes on saying that some years ago there must've been something Nynaeve wanted more than anything else and she got it. Moiraine says that Nynaeve must've Healed either Egwene or Perrin and that is how she had found them at the inn in Baerlon.

Moiraine tells Nynaeve that she is lucky to have managed crude control of the Power, that if she hadn't, it would've killed her as it may kill Egwene if she is untrained. Nynaeve replies that if she could learn to control it, so could Egwene. Moiraine says that the reactions from using the Power will eventually lead to a violent death that would last days and that there is nothing that can be done once it's begun.

Nynaeve also learns from Moiraine that she has great potential and with training could become even more powerful than Egwene who could be one of the most powerful in centuries. Nynaeve asks hesitantly for Moiraine not to tell anyone about this.

When asked about the boys, Moiraine says that the Dark One wants them and that she opposes anything the Dark One wants. Moiraine tells Lan that they will be heading south and that the Wisdom will not be accompanying them to which Nynaeve replies that she will, thinking to herself she will not leave the Emond's Fielders alone with an Aes Sedai.

Lan goes to recover Nynaeve's horse and Nynaeve smiles, thinking that he'll never find her tracks. Moiraine says she'll be able to find the boys by a token she had given each of them. Two of the boys have lost their coins though, so Moiraine believes they will need her help first even though the third boy is only a few miles away across the river. Nynaeve is worried about Egwene, but the Aes Sedai says it's the boys the Dark One wants, not Egwene.

Lan returns with Nynaeve's horse and they set out south.


Common Themes

Overconfidence in their own knowledge/Acting on poor information

Moiraine assumes that Perrin would follow the river to Caemlyn. She doesn't really have any reason to be so confident

  • Lan seems surprised and speculative when Moiraine says Nynaeve can channel
  • Lan’s eyes widen when he sees Nynaeve crying

Lan does not seem to show surprise often, so it seems Nynaeve made an impact on him.

  • She asks Moiraine who said she was too young to be Wisdom
  • She is pleased that Lan didn’t realise she was watching them
  • She does not like the look from Lan when he learns she can channel
  • She still thinks of Aes Sedai as being Darkfriends
  • She thinks Lan is mocking her by obviously omitting the word “Sedai”
  • When Lan goes to fetch her horse, she expects him to fail and looks forward to the feeling of satisfaction. She only feels a tiny blow when he manages it
  • She eventually accepts she can channel and agrees to go to Tar Valon for revenge against Moiraine


What are the Ways and why are they closed?
Why does Moiraine expect opposition from the Amyrlin
What sort of bond did the coin create with the boys?

We saw that Mat and Rand were a lot more reluctant to give away their coin than Ewin was. This suggests she did something to their coin, but not his.

Mysteries Resolved

  • Nynaeve found the Stag and Lion because Egwene was there and she had once Healed Egwene of Breakbone fever.

Character Development


  • Moiraine's explanations for why Egwene must go to Tarvalon no longer seems relevant now that Egwene has touched the source. She still needs to go to do so safely, but she is no longer in danger of death from her first time.

Breakbone fever


This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.


What are the Ways and why are they closed?

The Ways are revealed a few chapters later, as is Machin Shin and their corruption, the reason they are closed. Moiriane probably does not mean literally closed.

Why does Moiraine expect opposition from the Amyrlin?

Maybe she is just being dramatic?

Mysteries Resolved

Although not stated directly, we do learn that Rand is sick because he touched the source for the first time.


Moiraine believes there have been no Aes Sedai powerful enough to travel since the Age of Legends

Several things wrong with this, firstly, Moiraine herself is powerful enough to Travel, secondly, the number of people that can move through a gateway is much larger than Moiraine believes and thirdly, this is not relevant to Shadowspawn anyway as other than the gholam they can’t move through gateways.


  • When a person is Healed it creates a permanent link and they can be sensed

This doesn’t seem to be mentioned again. Does it matter what they were Healed of - It seems Nynaeve frequently Healed people of minor scrapes and bruises

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