The Eye of the World: Chapter 38

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Author: Val a'Shain

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Chapter Icon: Flame of Tar Valon

Point of View: Perrin

Setting: A Whitecloak camp north of the Caemlyn Road.

Characters: Perrin, Egwene, Moiraine, Lan, Nynaeve, Byar, Dapple


Lan frees Perrin and Egwene.


Perrin and Egwene have been traveling with the Whitecloaks as their prisoners for a number of days under poor conditions. One night Byar steps into the tent they are held in, like he has done before to tell them about what awaits them in Amador. This time, however, he offers Perrin escape. Perrin is surprised by this offer--Byar is convinced they are Darkfriends, after all--and he hesitates to accept. Just as Perrin starts to reply he gets a message from Dapple: help is underway. The next moment Perrin sees the guards go down and Lan stepping into the tent. Lan knocks out Byar and starts to untie Egwene and Perrin.

The Warder tells them they are not saved yet and that they have to take a white cloak. Perrin takes Byar's even though he can almost smell the man on it. A few moments later lightning starts crashing down around the camp and Lan, Egwene and Perrin leave the tent in search of Moiraine. They meet her just outside the camp. Egwene wants to know where Mat and Rand are, but there is no time to answer that question. Moiraine tells Lan Nynaeve hasn't returned yet. Lan is ready to go looking for her but Moiraine stops him, reminding him, Lord of the Seven Towers, of his oaths. At that moment Nynaeve comes crashing through the bushes with Bela and a second horse. They flee the camp while the Whitecloaks are still confused but not before Egwene finds out Mat and Rand are not with them.

While they move south towards the Caemlyn road Perrin feels Dapple touch his mind once again. She tells him they'll meet again and leaves. Lan circles back a few times to look for signs of pursuit but finds none. Not much short of dawn they halt to rest. Nynaeve tends to the bruises Byar caused Perrin and notices the irises of Perrin's eyes are yellow. She has never seen this before, and she's worried. Moiraine recognizes what it is but won't tell Nynaeve. She only says it won't hurt him directly.

Before they go to sleep the Warder tells Perrin that his eyes are not a thing of the Dark One. He wants to know if Perrin met a guide, and Perrin tells him about Elyas. Lan knew Elyas. It turns out he was a Warder before he ran with the wolves. Lan won't say much about him; he only indicates that there was trouble with the Red Ajah. Lan has a great deal of respect for Elyas though and wants to know if he is alright. Perrin tells him he thinks Elyas is okay. Lan observes that Perrin obviously is significant for the weaving of the Pattern in some way and that his choices are probably limited. He thinks it is a good thing Perrin is back under Moiraine's supervision and says that the other two boys should be found soon or all may be lost.


Character Development

  • When Lan grabs her, she stares at him
  • She asks Moiraine if she can Heal Perrin
  • When Nynaeve doesn't return, Lan means to go back for her until Moiriane reminds him of his oaths. He grabs her when she does return
  • He tells Perrin Moiraine was wrong about wolves

Perrin reasons that Byar is not trying to help them escape, he is laying a trap so he can kill them.


Why are the Whitecloaks going to Caemlyn?
How has the council heard of men running with wolves?

Was this from Elyas, or where there other people?

What are the Seven Towers
Why is Nynaeve frightened when she heals Perrin?

Does she worry the bruises fade too fast for the Healing to be Natural? Perrin mentions that sometimes her cures work extremely quickly. If she has Healed him, would she be able to sense him the way she did Egwene, or is that only for "major" healing?


Moiraine wonders if Perrin being a wolfbrother could be a thing of the Dark One



Ivy, five-finger, sunburst root


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What are the Seven Towers


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