The Eye of the World: Chapter 6

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Author: Arn Oakenskye

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The Westwood

Chapter Icon: Heron-Marked Sword

Point of View: Rand

Location: The Westwood

Characters: Tam al'Thor, Rand al'Thor, Black cloaked rider and Trollocs


Rand takes a feverish Tam through the woods and learns he was found on a mountain after the Aiel War.


Rand treats Tam's wound, his thoughts are those of disbelief over the events at the farm and he's afraid of the Trollocs returning and finding them. Rand puts together a makeshift litter from the shafts he cut at the farm and uses it to move Tam.

Wanting to take the quicker Quarry Road, but knowing it would be more dangerous too, Rand stays in the woods dragging Tam behind on the litter.

Rand is angry with himself for thinking about small or foolish things and for not grabbing some things he could have grabbed while he was back at the farm.

Tam begins to mutter things in his fever. Tam says, "They came over the Dragonwall like a flood and washed the land with blood. How many died for Laman's sin?" Rand thinks Tam is speaking of Trollocs flooding the land and tells his father there aren't any around right now. He offers his father some water which Tam pushes away with a strong arm.

Tam grabs Rand's collar and pulls him close speaking urgently, "They called them savages. The fools said they could be swept aside like rubbish. How many battles lost, how many cities burned, before they faced the truth?"

When Tam goes on telling how they fought all the way to the Shining Walls, Rand stops his father and claps a hand over Tam's muttering as the black cloaked rider, followed by a group of Trollocs, pass by on the road. The black cloaked rider passes back by once again, alone this time, searching from side to side every few steps. The black cloaked rider moves past Rand and his father, then rushes back in its original direction.

Once gone, Rand begins carrying the litter again and Tam continues his fever dreams, speaking about Avendesora, the tree of life. Rand begins wondering if all the stories he knows are real.

Tam speaks a broken up tale in his fever dream, "..battles are always hot, even in the snow. Sweat heat. Blood heat. Only death is cool. Slope of the mountain... only place didn't stink of death. Had to get away from the smell of it... sight of it. ...heard a baby cry. Their women fight alongside the men, sometimes, but why had they let her come, I don't... gave birth there alone, before she died of her wounds... covered her child with her cloak, but the wind... blown the cloak away... child blue with the cold. Should have been dead, too... crying there. Crying in the snow. I couldn't just leave the child... no children of our own... always knew you wanted children. I knew you'd take it to your heart, Kari. Yes, lass. Rand is a good name. A good name."

Rand is shocked at Tam's words and stumbles to his knees. Rand looks back at Tam and says, "You are my father." and thinks to himself that Tam is just having fever dreams. Still, Rand asks himself, Who am I?


Character Development

  • He learns his father found him on a mountain in the Aiel War. He decides to dismiss this as a fever dream.


What does Avendesora have to do with anything?


First Mention


  • Hawk, Bullfrog
  • Barley


This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.


What does Avendesora have to do with anything?
  • We later learn the significance;

1) The Aiel gave a gift to the Cairhienin in payment for the generosity of their ancestors during the Breaking. The war was an exercise in punishment for chopping it down. Though few seem to realize that, Tam does ask how many died for Laman's sin, suggestion he knows that this was the cause.

2) We also learn that chopping it down to make a throne was part of Daes Dae'mar, as one step in a series of escalating events that apparently derived from Tigraine abandoning Andor to go to the Waste


  • "Next he might actually meet the Green Man, or an Ogier giant, or a wild, black-veiled Aielman." – Rand

Rand of course does meet an Ogier, the Green Man and many Aiel. He also learns he is one.

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