The Fires of Heaven: Chapter 14

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Author: Mariasha Casindred

Dream Ter'angreal Chapter Icon.png


Chapter Icon: Dream Ter'angreal

Point of View: Nynaeve

Setting: Tel'aran'rhiod

Characters: Nynaeve, Birgitte, Egwene, Melaine


Nynaeve appears in Tel'aran'rhiod, in the Heart of the Stone. She calls for Birgitte, who soon comes. Nynaeve asks if Gaidal, who makes her quite nervous, is around. Birgitte replies that she believes that he's been spun out again. Nynaeve wonders how long it will be before Birgitte herself will be born again, but Birgitte tells her that time is quite different in Tel'aran'rhiod than in the real world and it could be years before she was born in the real world, while only weeks or months in Tel'aran'rhiod.

Nynaeve then questions her about the Forsaken. Lanfear, Rahvin, Sammael, Graendal, Demandred, and Semirhage have all been seen by Birgitte. Nynaeve is worried about Birgitte being seen, but Birgitte shrugs it off and says that each Forsaken has been "stalking the others unseen." Nynaeve thinks they are plotting, but Birgitte does not know what they are up to, but that "their work has never boded well for the world, waking or dreaming." Nynaeve wants her to continue trying to find out what they are up to, but not to take any risks.

She then asks Birgitte if she has seen Moghedien, but Birgitte has not. The archer reminds Nynaeve that Moghedien was not called the Spider for no reason; Moghedien could hide from Birgitte if the Forsaken knew that Birgitte was looking for her.

Birgitte turns to leave and Nynaeve again asks her to let her tell Egwene and the Wise Ones about Birgitte. Birgitte refuses again and disappears.

Nynaeve is "trying on" dresses when Egwene comes upon her. Melaine the Wise One is with Egwene. Nynaeve immediately asks after Lan, and Egwene assures her that he is fine.

Nynaeve informs Egwene that they'd reached Amadicia, and about their encounter with Ronde Macura, though she leaves out the fact that Mistress Macura succeeded in capturing them. She instead claims that she was able to identify the forkroot immediately.

Egwene then gives her the news from her side of the Dragonwall: Couladin crossing the Spine of the World and Rand eager to follow him. She also tells Nynaeve that Moiraine obeys Rand, which shocks Nynaeve, and she finds herself agreeing with Melaine that men have "no business ordering Aes Sedai." Egwene comments on his swelled head, and Nynaeve reminds her how to reduce that swelling.

Then Nynaeve tells Egwene that she thinks that the Forsaken are plotting something. Melaine asks if she has been "wandering the World of Dreams" and tells her that she is "unschooled". The Wise One does not believe Nynaeve should be in Tel'aran'rhiod. Nynaeve reminds her that she taught herself to channel and she can handle herself in Tel'aran'rhiod. Melaine suggests that Nynaeve go to the Wise Ones to learn, and praises Egwene for her swift learning. Nynaeve tells her that she does not need "taming". Melaine says that Lan will die if Nynaeve does, and Nynaeve calls her a "dirty fighter". Melaine maintains that she does not fight, and that Nynaeve should promise not to wander Tel'aran'rhiod. Nynaeve won't.

Melaine and Egwene leave and Nynaeve goes to find out what is going on in the Tower.

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