The Fires of Heaven: Chapter 13

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Author: Mariasha Casindred

S'redit Chapter Icon.png

A Small Room in Sienda

Chapter Icon: A S'redit

Point of View: Elayne

Setting: Amadician countryside and the town Sienda

Characters: Elayne, Nynaeve, Thom, Juilin, Valan Luca


Elayne and Nynaeve are riding across the countryside of Amadicia on their way to Tar Valon. Nynaeve is in a foul mood because of an occurrence in the town of Bellon in Amadicia. The innkeeper offered a private room for Elayne or "Lady Morelin" and insisted that Nynaeve or "Nana" as the Lady's maid would be the only person who could serve her well enough. Nynaeve now only addresses Elayne as "My Lady," much to Elayne's exasperation.

Elayne chastises Nynaeve for her attitude and they begin to talk about the strange message they received from Mistress Macura. Nynaeve declares that she will "behave as thought the Black Ajah itself has control of the Tower," until they receive news to the contrary.

The coach is suddenly stopped by a traveling menagerie. Valan Luca, the owner of the menagerie offers to show them the wonders of his show. They spot "giant boar-horses" that Luca claims came from Shara, but both Elayne and Nynaeve know that they are Seanchan creatures, having seen them in Falme.

He says for a "pittance" he will have his show perform for them before he leaves for Ghealdan. Elayne declines and he admits that his boar-horses caused trouble in a nearby town, and the people of Sienda will not allow him to perform.

Elayne tells Nynaeve to give him some money and they continue on to Sienda. Elayne asks her how much she gave to Luca. Nynaeve had given him only a silver penny, which Elayne is not happy with, but decides to keep quiet rather than cause another fight.

They reach Sienda in the late afternoon, and could see where the boar-horse had caused trouble: at the inn called The King's Lancer. They note that there are many Whitecloaks and almost as many King's men wandering around the town, and they did not seem to get along.

They stop at The Light of Truth, apparently an inn the Whitecloaks frequent. They take a room, though Thom and Juilin have to sleep in the barn. The two men decide to see what they can learn in the common room and around town, and Nynaeve warns them not to disturb them for "less than Trollocs".

It is Nynaeve's turn with the ring. She quickly undresses and Elayne brings out the ter'angreal ring for her. Nynaeve lies down with the ring and Elayne settles down on a chest to wait.

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