The Fires of Heaven: Chapter 24

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Author: Val a'Shain

Rising Sun Chapter Icon.png

A Message Sent

Chapter Icon: Rising Sun

Point of View: Egwene

Setting: Near Selean, Cairhien, the World of Dreams

Characters: Egwene, Elayne, Birgitte, Amys, Bair


Egwene is glad when her tent is set up that evening and she can retire. She spends some time reading a book she borrowed from Aviendha. It's a collection of heroic and romantic tales. Not that she feels like reading much but tonight she is going to meet Nynaeve in the World of Dreams and it isn't night yet in Amadicia. Reading can't keep her awake though, she falls asleep with the book under her cheek.

With a start Egwene realizes she is in the Stone of Tear. She suspects she is fast asleep in the real world so she doesn't want to step out of the dream. She might not be able to return. To her surprise she sees Elayne in the Stone. She is talking to a woman who looks like Birgitte Silverbow. Before she can decide if it is her imagination Bair and Amys show up. They want to know if she decided to come early. Egwene explains about falling asleep. Luckily for her the Wise Ones believe her.

The Wise Ones are very displeased to see Elayne in the World of Dreams already. She is little more than an untrained child to them. Elayne points out she is not their pupil but is grateful for their concern nonetheless. Egwene wants to know why Elayne is here instead of Nynaeve. Elayne explains how Nynaeve got into a fight with one of the other members of the menagerie and is now nursing a sore head. Egwene is not amused and tells Elayne to tell Nynaeve to hold her temper. She also gives a hint that she wants to talk to Elayne alone later. Did the Daughter-Heir understand?

They quickly exchange news. Elayne isn't ready to leave the menagerie yet. Nynaeve still doesn't know where the Blues are gathering and they are learning a lot about the Seanchan from Cerandin. The Wise Ones don't understand their interest in the Seanchan. They fled after Rand defeated them at Falme. Elayne says that doesn't mean they won't come back. Egwene tells her they have moved into Cairhien with the Shaido still several days ahead heading for the capital. They have been spotted by the Cairhienin but that was unavoidable. When the exchange is complete Egwene watches the Wise Ones leave the World of Dreams to get some real sleep.

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