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Author: Toral Delvar


Cerandin is a Seanchan woman who was left behind when the Seanchan retreated from Falme. She was a s'redit trainer and so saw it as her duty to look after the s'redit that were also left. She was given sanctuary by Valan Luca and took part in his show until the Seanchan took Ebou Dar (TFoH, Ch. 17), at which point she returned to them (WH, Ch. 15). She is pale and fair-haired and has the soft, slurred sounding accent common to Seanchan (TFoH, Ch. 13).

Cerandin is good at fighting with hands and feet (TFoH, Ch. 33).


  • Cerandin is left behind when the Seanchan are forced out of Falme (TGH, Ch. 47).
  • She kisses the ground in front of Elayne when she realizes Elayne is a noble (TFoH, Ch. 17).
  • She gets into a fight with Nynaeve, which Petra breaks up. Nynaeve starts this by first shaking her, then after being thrown, slapping her. Cerandin is the clear victor, throwing Nynaeve around like a doll (TFoH, Ch. 33).
  • She performs with the s'redit, dressed in blue, with the dress covered in sequins going right up to her chin. They are one of the most popular attractions (TFoH, Ch. 37).
  • Elayne tries to persuade her to go with them when she and Nynaeve leave for Salidar, but she cannot take the s'redit and refuses to leave them. (TFoH, Ch. 47).
  • Elayne tries to take her by force, but fails. She tells Elayne that her title in Andor will count for little once the Seanchan take control (TFoH, Ch. 47).
  • Suroth allows Valan Luca to keep his horses because he gave shelter to Cerandin and the s'redit (WH, Ch. 15).


“You could be a lady one day. You have the manner, and if you attract a lord, he may take you as one of his asa. Asa sometimes become wives." (Cerandin to Elayne; The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 47)