The Fires of Heaven: Chapter 29

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Author: Val a'Shain

Two Ravens Chapter Icon.png

Memories of Saldaea

Chapter Icon: Two Ravens

Point of View: Hadnan Kadere

Setting: near Eianrod, Cairhien

Characters: Hadnan Kadere, Isendre


Kadere is in his wagon thinking about the note he found slipped under his door. "You are not alone among strangers. A way has been chosen." There were Darkfriends among the Aiel, there were among every people but he doesn't particularly want to meet them. Chosen? Could that indicate some other Chosen than Lanfear was interested in him. That could be very dangerous Kadere thinks back to his childhood in Saldaea and his sister who taught him his first letters and numbers.

Isendre comes in dressed in a heavy robe. Amused, Kadere suggests she takes it off but she refuses. He asks her if she has anything to report on Rand or Natael. She tells him Natael won't tell her anything and she can't get near Rand. When Kadere presses her to try harder she shows him what the Maidens did to her. They shaved her head and flogged her with nettles. The Maidens have broken her. Next time they promised her, she would be given to Aviendha. She has been bedding Rand since Rhuidean, she tells Kadere. The mere mentioning of her is enough to make her flinch.

Kadere sees she will be of no further use to him. He tells her to keep an eye on Natael at least and when she is about to leave he strangles her. Like always when he strangles a woman, he thinks of his sister. He killed her after she found out what he was. Still thinking of his sister he starts to dispose of the body.

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