The Fires of Heaven: Chapter 7

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Author: Val a'Shain

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A Departure

Chapter Icon: A Dragon

Points of view: Egwene, Moiraine


Egwene's Point of View:

Setting: Rhuidean, the Aiel Waste

Characters: Egwene, Rand, Mat, Aviendha

A tired Egwene is getting ready to depart from Rhuidean. She doesn't look forward to the heat and the days in the saddle. The running she did last night isn't why she is tired. She managed to find Amys' dreams last night. To celebrate they sipped tea together in their dreams. After that Egwene visited a number of other dreams. Rand's were warded of course and she stayed away from the Wise Ones' dreams. Isendre's dreams had been nothing short of a nightmare while Kadere's were lewd.

Egwene makes her way to the Maidens' roof to find Aviendha. Rand is already up giving orders to ask Ogier to rebuild Rhuidean. Mat is there as well. He seems to be on very good terms with one of the Maidens. Mat tells her Moiraine has started to obey Rand. That seems like the sun rising at midnight to Egwene. She doesn't understand it.

Finally she spots Aviendha. She is staring at Rand. It seems the trouble between them is still not solved. Egwene tells her again she will talk to the Wise Ones if Aviendha will let her. Aviendha won't have any of that and asks her to stop offering. Egwene says she doesn't have to be afraid of him but that seems to be the wrong thing to say. Aviendha is afraid of no man. Or so she claims. Her dreams indicate otherwise.

Rand is ready to leave. One of the people in the crowd asks if he means to return. Rand says he doesn't know but he leaves them with a final gift. Using the One Power he draws water from the earth and makes the fountains in Rhuidean work. So much water is a miracle for the Aiel. Seeing him channel still makes Egwene uneasy. Seeing Aviendha fall in beside Rand, Egwene is determined to help her somehow.

Moiraine's Point of View:

Setting: Rhuidean, the Aiel Waste

Characters: Moiraine, Lan

Moiraine watches Kadere's wagon depart. She would have taken more things from Rhuidean if she could but some were just too large to transport. The ter'angreal used by women who wanted to become Wise Ones for instance. It allowed a woman to see her possible futures. All possible futures are too much for one mind to hold but some warnings and lessons stayed in your mind.

Lan speaks and says he doesn't like seeing his Aes Sedai worried. He wants to know if the Last Battle is coming. She replies she doesn't know but she hopes that will be a while off still. Then why is she so desperate to stay close to Rand he wants to know. Moiraine says he needs all the guidance she can give him and that she will do anything short of sharing his bed to see that he gets it. Not sharing his bed was one of the lessons the ter'angreal taught her. If she could only remember why...

Lan wants to know if that includes lighting his pipe and fetching his slippers. If that was a joke Moiraine can't appreciate it. Her Warder is changing and a Wisdom from the Two Rivers is at the heart of it. At least she had taken care of that. Lan was not the only one changing. She would like to know what Rand would make of the Aiel. It is going to be a long journey for everyone.

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