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Author: Val a'Shain

HAHD-nahn kah-DEER


Hadnan Kadere is a Darkfriend, he grew up in Saldaea where he joined the Shadow at a young age. His sister Teodora taught him his letters and numbers. He was forced to kill her after she found out he was a Darkfriend. He has served the Shadow in many places since. Tar Valon among them (TFoH, Ch. 29).

When we first meet him he was traveling as a peddler through the Aiel Waste. He is a heavy set man. Muscle, not fat. He has a hooked beak of a nose, dark tilted eyes and a square swarthy face. He has a predatory look about him (TSR, Ch. 36).

Kadere has had a successful career as a Darkfriend so far. Maybe a bit too successful. He attracts the Forsaken's attention and gets caught up in their plots without realizing it at first. Kadere is eventually killed by Lanfear for his trouble.


  • Kadere meets Rand's party in the Aiel Waste in 999 NE. He pretends to be a peddler, peddlers are among the few people the Aiel allow access to the Waste. He claims to be traveling to Cold Rocks Hold but he's a long way off course. Kadere is ordered to follow the Aiel to Imre Stand. He is accompanied by Keille Shaogi who later turns out the be Lanfear and Jasin Natael (Asmodean disguised as a gleeman) (TSR, Ch. 36).
  • When trading at Imre Stand, Kadere introduces Rand to Isendre. He apologizes to Rand for her forward behavior. Later he is seen talking to Couladin (TSR, Ch. 37).
  • After the Trolloc attack on Imre Stand Kadere travels with Rand's company. He approaches Rand with an offer of information for sale. Keille prevents him from continuing the conversation though (TSR, Ch. 48).
  • Moiraine forces Kadere to use his now empty wagons to take as many power related objects from Rhuidean as they will hold (TFoH, Ch. 2).
  • Mat considers leaving Rand with Kadere's wagons. Rand just warns him not to trust Kadere (TFoH, Ch. 3).
  • When Isendre is caught for stealing (after being set up by Lanfear) and punished by the Maidens Kadere does nothing to help her (TFoH, Ch. 4).
  • Kadere follows Rand when he leaves for the Jangai Pass to take Moiraine's cargo to Tar Valon (TFoH, Ch. 7).
  • After entering into Cairhien Kadere receives a message that there are other Darkfriends around him. Kadere doesn't know what to make of it but doesn't think it is good news. He has been uneasy ever since Keille disappeared and Lanfear started visiting him in his dreams (TFoH, Ch. 29).
  • Isendre visits Kadere in his wagon. He has used her to try and get close to Rand but all her attempts have been unsuccessful. The Maidens have punished her severely for trying to get into Rand's bed on several occasions. She has nothing useful to report. Kadere understands the Maidens have broken Isendre and strangles her. He then chops her up in manageable pieces to be buried later (TFoH, Ch. 29).
  • Kadere keeps out of the way during the battle for Cairhien.
  • Keille shows up in Kadere's wagons again and turns out to be Lanfear herself. She demands a full report on Rand's activities. Kadere tells Lanfear that Rand slept with Aviendha. An insanely jealous Lanfear explodes at this news. She skins Kadere alive for his trouble and then tried to kill Aviendha. Kadere doesn't survive the battle that follows (TFoH, Ch. 52).


Rhuarc mistrusts Kadere from the beginning, because the man managed to get so far into the Waste without acquiring an Aiel guide (TSR, Ch. 36).

Rand figures out Kadere is a Darkfriend but is forced to keep quiet about it so as not to expose his teacher Asmodean (TFoH, Ch. 4).

Isendre is nothing more than a tool to Kadere. He'll keep her around as long as she is useful and dispose of her when she isn't.

Kadere holds Jasin Natael for a high ranking Darkfriend but doesn't know he is really Asmodean (TFoH, Ch. 29).


  • Mat acquires the broad brimmed hat from Kadere (TSR, Ch. 36).
  • Rand thinks Kadere's eyes mark him a dangerous man (TSR, Ch. 36).
  • Born in cold Saldaea the heat of the Aiel Waste makes Kadere sweat perpetually.


"'I have heard other things. I have heard that you took Callandor out of the Heart of the Stone.' The man's eyed never changed. If he knew about Callandor, he knew Rand was the Dragon Reborn, knew he could wield the One Power. And his eyes never changed. A dangerous man. 'I have heard it said,' Rand told him, 'that you should believe nothing you hear, and only half of what you see.'
'A wise rule,' Kadere said after a moment. 'Yet to achieve greatly, a man must believe something. Belief and knowledge pave the road to greatness. Knowledge is perhaps the most valuable of all. We all seek the coin of knowledge. Your pardon, good sir. Isendre is not a patient woman. Perhaps we will have another opportunity to talk.'" (Kadere to Rand at Imre Stand; (The Shadow Rising, Chapter 37)

"Stunned, he stared at her. She had had such lovely dark hair. Yet she was beautiful enough that even being bald as an egg only made her seem exotic. Her tears and sagging face detracted only a little. If she could put herself into al'Thor's bed for just one night... It was not going to happen. The Maidens had broken her. He had broken people himself, and he knew the signs. Eagerness to avoid more punishment became eagerness to obey. The mind never wanted to admit it was running from something, so she would soon convince herself that she really wanted to obey, that she really wanted nothing more than to please the Maidens." (Kadere realizing the Maidens have broken Isendre; The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 4)

"As she reached for the door, her eyes going to the handle, he had the kerchief spun to a cord in an instant and around her neck. He tried to ignore her rasping gurgles, the frantic scraping of her feet on the floor. Her fingers clawed at his hands, but he stared straight ahead. Even keeping his eyes open, he saw Teodora; he always did, when he killed a woman. He had loved his sister, but she had discovered what he was, and she would not have kept silent. Isendre's heels drummed violently, but after what seemed an eternity they slowed, went still, and she became a dead weight dragging at his hands. He held the cord tight for a count of sixty before unwinding it and letting her fall. She would have been confessing, next. Confessing to being a Darkfriend. Pointing a finger at him." (Kadere thinking about his sister Teodora as he kills Isendre; (The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 4)

"Kadere ignored the first three riders as much as the Aes Sedai had ignored him, and Mat Cauthon almost as much. The man was wearing his hat; he had never been able to find a replacement. The Aiel wench, Aviendha, rode up behind the young Aes Sedai's saddle, both with their skirts pushed up to show their legs. If he needed any confirmation that the Aiel woman was bedding al'Thor, he only had to see the way she looked at him; a woman who had taken a man to her bed always looked at him with that light of ownership in her eyes after. More importantly, Natael was with them. This was the first time Kadere had been this close to him since crossing the Spine of the World. Natael, who stood high in the Darkfriends. If he could get past the Maidens to reach Natael..." (Kadere trying to come up with a way to get out of the mess he is in; (The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 4)