The Gathering Storm: Chapter 23

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Dragon Chapter Icon.png

A Warp in the Air

Chapter Icon: A Dragon

Point of View: Cadsuane

Setting: Lord Tellaen's manor, (Rand's hideout in Arad Doman)

Characters: Cadsuane, Rand, Merise, Narishma, and Min


Rand exiles Cadsuane and says that if he ever sees her face again he will kill her.


Cadsuane investigates what happened at Semirhage's cell and realizes that out of the guards, Corele and Nesune are alive because they had warders, while Daigian was killed.

Cadsuane and the Wise Ones head to Rand's rooms. Cadsuane finds all the Aes Sedai in the camp that aren't already incapacitated (Sarene, Erian, and Beldeine) already in Rand's rooms. She demands to know what happened, and he calmly tells her that the danger has been dealt with. She inquires further and he show her the remains of the Domination Band. She is incredulous. Rand shows Narishma the weave for balefire, and tells him that it is what must be used against the Forsaken, despite Cadsuane's disapproval. Rand then exiles Cadsuane from his sight and tells her that if he sees her face again he will kill her.

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