The Gathering Storm: Chapter 29

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Dragon Chapter Icon.png

Into Bandar Eban

Chapter Icon: A Dragon

Point of View: Rand

Setting: The outskirts of Bandar Eban and mansion of House Chadmar.

Characters: Rand, Dobraine, Merise, Min, and Milisair Chadmar


Rand arrives in Bandar Eban and occupies himself searching for the king and organizing the grain distribution.


Rand lists the names of the women he has killed, including Semirhage and Elza, as he rides into Bandar Eban. Merise presses him to beg for Cadsuane's forgiveness, but he sternly refuses. He enters the mansion of House Chadmar and Dobraine joins him on the steps of the building. As they continue into the building, Rand tells Dobraine that he will be sent to Tear. Rand comes to the conclusion that Dobraine is a good man, by his lack of complaints and willingness to follow orders. Rand then seats himself on an ornately carved chair in House Chadmar's audience chamber. Shortly afterwards, Milisair Chadmar enters and asks how she may serve Rand. Rand asks when she last had contact with the King and she replies that it has been weeks. She cannot remember what happened to the messenger and Rand pressures her to find him. When she says that he can be crowned quickly, he states that he will not be king here. She then withdraws and Rand notices Min standing outside with the Aiel. Rand tells the Aiel to bring him his scribes, stewards, Rhuarc and Bael, and any city worthies that haven't fled left to discuss grain distribution.

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