Rand's litany

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Rand frequently lists the names of all the women who have died for him, or because of him. Starting out as Maidens that he allows into battle, the list grows to encompass others. Once the litany starts in his head he cannot stop until all the names are done.

Known Names


"Rand seemed not to hear. Back and forth he rocked. Back and forth. "Isan, of the Jarra Sept of the Chareen Aiel. She died for me today. Chuonde of the Spine Ridge Miagoma. She died for me today. Agirin of the Shelan Daryne..."
There had been nothing for it but to settle on his heels and listen to Rand recite all one hundred and fifty-one names in a voice like pain stretched to breaking, listen and hope Rand was holding on to sanity.
Whether or not Rand was still completely sane, though, if a Maiden who came to fight for him had been missed down there somehow, Perrin was sure that not only would she be buried decently with the others on the ridge, there would be one hundred and fifty-two names in that list." (Perrin listening to Rand after Dumai's Wells; A Crown of Swords, Chapter 2)

"Men had died in thousands, by his order or by his hand, but it was the faces of the women that haunted his dreams." {Rand; The Path of Daggers, Chapter 13)

"Sometimes he woke in the middle of the night muttering that list, with Min holding him and murmuring to him as if soothing a child. He always told her he was all right and wanted to go back to sleep, yet after he closed his eyes, he did not sleep until the list had been completed. Sometimes Lews Therin chanted it with him." (Rand; Knife of Dreams, Chapter 18)

"The list ran through his head. Almost a daily ritual now, the name of every woman who had died by his hand or because of his actions." (Rand; The Gathering Storm, Chapter 29)