The Gathering Storm: Chapter 30

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Old Advice

Chapter Icon: Heron-Marked Sword

Point of View: Gawyn

Setting: The Rebel Camp.

Characters: Gawyn, Lelaine, and Gareth Bryne


Gawyn is irritated because he wants to free Egwene believing she was set up by the Hall because she is easy to manipulate.


Gawyn debates with Lelaine about Egwene's intentions in forbidding them from rescuing her. He asks how they communicate with her again, and is warned against asking that. He convinces her to "perhaps" see if she "might be able to convince" Egwene to listen to a new kind of plea, which irritates Gawyn to no end. After Lelaine has agreed to do this for Gawyn, he agrees to do something in return. This turns out to be his opinion of fruit orchard taxes his sister will impose, which frustrates Gawyn even further. Lelaine takes notes on everything Gawyn says.

Gawyn leaves Lelaine's tent some time later, thinking that he will never free Egwene if things keep progressing at the same rate. As he walks he thinks about how the Hall had probably set Egwene up because they wanted someone that was easy to manipulate. He unhobbles his horse, Challenge, and rides out of the camp. Over an hour's ride later, Gawyn meets with Gareth Bryne in one of the outlying guard posts. They discuss how the meeting went, and Bryne's reasons for joining the rebel's army. They argue over that, and the Younglings for several minutes, and decide that as long as the Younglings' raids aren't very effective, Bryne won't do anything about it. Bryne asks Gawyn why he cares so much, and also asks what his allegiances are. Gawyn admits that he has chosen a side and that once Egwene is safe, he can return to Elayne. Bryne continues on to tell Gawyn about how he once questioned his allegiances during the Aiel War. They approach another guard post, and Gawyn ponders what he will do about Egwene and his duty to Elayne.

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