The Gathering Storm: Chapter 33

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Dragon Chapter Icon.png

A Conversation with the Dragon

Chapter Icon: A Dragon

Point of View: Nynaeve

Setting: Bandar Eban

Characters: Nynaeve, Rand, Min, and Kerb


Nynaeve manages to lift the Compulsion put on Kerb's mind. He reveals Graendal's location before dying.


Rand enters the sitting room after Nynaeve had sent the maidens to wake him. He asks who Kerb is, and Nynaeve explains her suspicion that he poisoned the messenger and that he had poisoned Milisair Chadmar. She also mentions that she felt a block of some sort in his mind when she delved him. Rand suspects that it is Compulsion, and after questioning Kerb, he confirms. He gives Nynaeve basic instructions on how to remove it, and almost an hour later, she finishes. Kerb seems to go blank, and Rand demands he tell him where Graendal is, and Kerb manages to whisper "Natrin's Barrow" before dying. Nynaeve is very upset by this, and argues about the consequences of fighting this way. Rand's argument is that this is the only way he can win. Nynaeve is left unable to find the words to argue, and Rand carries Min to their bedroom.

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