The Great Hunt: Chapter 40

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Author: Ismene Gillandred

A'dam Chapter Icon.png


Chapter Icon: a'dam

Points of view: Egwene, Nynaeve


On arrival in Toman Head, Liandrin tries to hand them over to the Seanchan, but Nynaeve is too strong and she and Elayne escape.


Egwene's Point of View:

Setting: Toman Head

Characters: Egwene, Liandrin, High Lady Suroth, Nynaeve, Elayne, Min, Renna, Elbar, Alwhin

Egwene and Liandrin step out of the Ways onto Toman Head. Egwene immediately notices a group of about fifty soldiers in overlapping armor and insect head helms. She also sees a tall, dark, hook-nosed man; women in gray dresses with silver collars, women in dresses with forked lightning insignias and a curiously dressed noblewoman in a palanquin.

Liandrin presents Egwene, Nynaeve and Elayne to the High Lady Suroth, the woman in the palanquin. The hook-nosed man wastes no time and collars Egwene! Egwene is alarmed to find that the collar seems to be all of one piece, although obviously it must have had a clasp of some sort in order to be put on her. She tries to fight back and punches one of the women and is shocked when she feels the punch reverberate as if she herself had been punched in the eye. After the confusion dies down, Nynaeve and Elayne somehow escape, while Min remains rather dazed after having tried to use her knife on the hook-nosed man.

Renna the sul'dam begins explaining that Egwene is a damane and that she must obey the sul'dam completely, and demonstrates how she is able to make Egwene feel pain while she is collared. Suroth is upset that Liandrin let two of the girls escape. Liandrin mocks Suroth and makes mention of their "master." Suroth threatens to collar Liandrin, and the two exchange threats for a time. Liandrin reminds Suroth that it is vital for her to get Egwene and Nynaeve across the Aryth Ocean. Finally, Suroth commands her men to stop the hunt for Nynaeve and Liandrin escapes back into the Ways before the patrols can capture her as well.

At this point, Elbar, the hook-nosed man asks permission from Suroth to kill Min as punishment for having fought against him earlier. Egwene begins yelling at them, which makes Renna punish her. Suroth decides to spare Min's life in order to make Egwene more amenable to her training as a damane.

Egwene asks Renna who Suroth and Liandrin's master is, and Renna tells her affairs of the Blood are none of her business. Renna also informs Egwene that punishments for damane include losing their tongues or hands, since damane don't need these in order to channel. Renna tells Egwene the story of Deain, the Aes Sedai who invented the collar, explains that there are no male sul'dam and Alwhin, the other sul'dam says that while most men feel nothing when they put on the bracelet, there are a few who die screaming from trying to link with a damane.

Renna commands Egwene to blow up a tree, and when Egwene refuses, Renna punishes her again. When Min tries to help, one of the other damane is ordered to punish Min as well. Renna feels that Egwene will be one of the best damane when she is properly trained.

Nynaeve's Point of View:

Setting: Toman Head

Characters: Nynaeve, Elayne

Meanwhile, Nynaeve is hiding in some bushes with her horse and mentally congratulating herself for using the Power to fight some of the soldiers. Nynaeve is no longer as angry and her block prevents her from channeling. Elayne manages to find Nynaeve and the two women try to collect themselves.

Nynaeve decides that she and Elayne should head for Falme, the westernmost point on Toman Head. Nynaeve makes plans to trade in some of their fine dresses for simpler clothes that the locals wear. Elayne wonders at Liandrin being able to lie to them about Rand being in danger. They ride off towards Falme and Nynaeve hopes to regain her anger, so that she can channel again.


Character Development


Is as strong as a full sister when angry.

  • Thinks 10 gold marks and 20 silver would only last 2-3 weeks.
  • She feels it makes her a coward because she escaped rather than being killed or captured


Who is the master?

This seems pretty clear it is the Dark one

What are the Seekers for Truth?
How did Deaine make an a'dam?
Why do they want Nynaeve and Egwene? Why removed them across the Aryth Ocean rather than kill them?


Renna is at least willing to say the word Aes Sedai, unlike Egeanin


First Mention

Elber, Suroth, Renna, Alwhin, Deaine, Lini

First Appearance

Elber, Suroth, Renna, Alwhin


This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.


Who is the master?

Ba'alzamon, though from context this should have been obvious

What are the Seekers for Truth?

The secret police of Seanchan.

How did Deaine make an a'dam?


Renna does not care what Suroth is doing.

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