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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn



Renna Emain was a pretty sul'dam with long, dark hair and big brown eyes. She was about ten years older than Nynaeve (TGH, Ch. 40).


  • On Min's visiting day, she came in for some training with Egwene and found out that she had channeled without Renna supervising her (TGH, Ch. 42).
  • When Nynaeve and Elayne came to rescue Egwene, Renna walked in on them and was collared herself. Egwene made her suffer for hurting her, then left her and Seta, collared, for a sul'dam to find (TGH, Ch. 46).
  • Egeanin took her as one of the three sul'dam that Mat needed to slip the Aes Sedai out of Ebou Dar (WH, Ch. 20).
  • She took Teslyn out of her kennel and left the Palace with her and the others (WH, Ch. 31).
  • She hid with the others in Valan Luca's menagerie outside of Ebou Dar (CoT, Ch. 1). There, she had to stay with the other former sul'dam and the Aes Sedai in one small circus wagon (CoT, Ch. 2).
  • Renna was reading when Mat followed Joline's summons to go speak with her. She tried to convince Mat to let them collar the Aes Sedai to bring order (CoT, Ch. 3). They offered it again on a later occasion (CoT, Ch. 28).
  • To dispose of the only one who might give away her secret, she stabbed Egeanin, stole a horse and fled. Mat and his men chased after her. Shortly before she reached Coramen, Harnan shot her with a crossbow bolt (CoT, Ch. 29).


Because Renna collared Egwene, she was in charge of her training and wore her bracelet most of the times (TGH, Ch. 40; Ch. 42).

When she was a child, she had a kitten named Tuli, the pet name she later gave Egwene (TGH, Ch. 42).

She would have been called before the Empress with as skillful a damane as Egwene (TGH, Ch. 42).

After Falme, she was taken into Suroth's service and not allowed to ever be "complete" again (i.e. wear a damane's bracelet). Once, she had been Suroth's best trainer and was very respected and skillful enough to be made der'sul'dam despite her youth (WH, Ch. 20).

Tuon forbade Mat to mourn Renna's death, because she was a traitor to the Empire, in Tuon's eyes (CoT, Ch. 29).

During the defence of the White Tower against the Seanchan, Egwene imagines each one that she strikes down to be Renna (TGS, Ch. 41).


"If my Lord will excuse us a little while, we still have our a'dam, and we can teach these girls to behave again in short order." Her accent had a musical quality, but the smile on her lips never touched her brown eyes. "It never works to let them go slack this way." (Renna to Mat about the Aes Sedai; Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 3).

"'Renna was always ready to lick my bloody wrist! I thought if anybody went over the edge...!' He did not even glance at Thera, but Juilin still scowled at him darkly." (Mat wondering why Renna fled; Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 29).