The Mount

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Poem by Nico Aramiz for Project Gaidin's Death Match week 3.

Two great souls from Tar Valon do tread
Across the mount of Therin’s end
For many stolen treasures
Did they seek

When Seachan fled at battles end
Taking with them Angreal of powers dread
The great Mother sent the Aes Sedai
To hunt then down

Serenla Sedai with her Warder Aves of MDD
Went traveled west you see
For in the great company of MDD
There is no greater tracker than he.

While upon the Dragonmount they are hunting
A camp upon a ridge seen
Serenla Sedai simply smiles at Aves
As she lets her power run free

Into the shadows Sir Aves did tread
Their scouts needing to be dealt with
With a flash of steal and a stroke of luck
The way for Serenla was cleared

The mount, it did then tremble
Spikes quickly rising forth
The Seachan still looked as sleeping
Though their blood now coats the ground

They traveled home half hearted
Few Angreal did they retrieve
But they knew it was only a matter of time
And the vaults would be full in mere weeks