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Contestants & Result
  1. Bayrd al'Syeen - Winner
  2. Aldus Taivron
  3. Azi al'Thone
  4. Ivanor Winshaw
  5. Paderic Acbeare
  6. Locus Sarania1)
  7. Nico Aramiz
  8. Jeffan Caliarthan2)
  9. Rayonin Charin
  10. Jermaine Shiuan
  11. Madhar al'Thera
  12. Bryce al'Mara3)
1) Dropped out due to lack of time. 2) Dropped out due to computer trouble. 3) Raised to Gaidin and consequently disqualified.

Project Gaidin was a competition for the male Junior Members and an entertaining show for many other members. It was going on between October 2010 and March 2011 when the winner was announced at 10th Anni.

The concept was that every week the participants met two challenges that were tied to one of the membership groups. The first challenge was the Showdown, and the winner there got some kind of advantage in the next challenge, the Deatch Match. After the Deatch Match the judges chose the one who had done the weakest performance and that person had to leave the competition. Every week there also was a commentary thread for the audience to talk in, with confessionals, fangirl squees, bettings and polls.

The judges were:

Week 0 - Introductions


With the purpose of giving everyone a chance to get to know the contestants better, the contestants should create a soundtrack with five songs that best described who they were. They should also pick three songs that they thought described the three judges.

It wasn't the judges that should pick the winner this week, instead all of the contestants got to vote on one of their competitors. The votes were to be based only on the second part of the challenge, the songs they had chosen for the judges.

But Paderic and Locus got the same number of votes, so in the end the judges had to vote as well. Paderic became the winner of the first challenge, gaining immunity from being eliminated Week 1.

Week 1 - The Red Ajah

Guest Judge
Adriana "Red" Sedai


A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

This was a challenge where the contestants should use photographs, art and other visual mediums to show what the Red Ajah meant to them. It should be at least 5 but no more than 10 pictures and they could not use a picture that had already been used by another contestant.

Paderic won this challenge, Jermaine was the loser and it was in the end of this Showdown period Bryce got disqualified.

Death Match

A Thousand Words is Worth A Thousand Words

The contestants shold write a story about how Adriana Sedai had got a mission from the Amyrlin and they were her escort/protector. Each contestant got a different genre to write the story in. As Paderic won the Showdown he got the advantage that he could exchange his genre with anyone else's, and as Jermaine was the loser everyone got the change to choose his genre instead of their own.

Paderic chose to not write a story as he couldn't be eliminated anyway. The genre he would have had was Documentary.

Ray won, and Madhar became the first one to get eliminated.

Week 2 - The Green Ajah

Guest Judge
Aria "Darlin Nikki" Sedai


Oh, You Think You Know Me?

In this challenge the contestants were to write four pick-up lines, of which at least one had to have a Wheel of Time flare to it. Instead of it being everyone against everyone, they were divided into couples and there would be one winner and one loser in each couple.

Ray won against Nico, Paderic against Locus, Azi against Ivanor, Bayrd against Jermaine and Jeffan against Aldus. Bayrd became the overall winner and Ivanor the overall loser.

Death Match

Putting the I in Team.

In this challenge the contestants should write bonding proposals to Aria, not about themselves, but about the other one in their couples. The advantage for the Showdown winners were that they could ask their competitor about things, while this wasn't allowed for the losers. Bayrd as the overall winner had the chance to exchange his competitor Jermaine for another of the losers and used the chance to instead get to write about Aldus. Ivanor as the overall loser could have been taken by any of the winners, but Azi was quick to keep him.

In the fan poll on who the audience thought would win this Death Match Jeffan got the most votes and Locus the least, but it was in fact Aldus that won the challenge and Jermaine that got eliminated.

Week 3 - Mahdi'in d'ma Dieb

Guest Judge
D`Ran "Mikey" Gaidin


The Nine Deadly Sins?

Each contestant got assigned one of the seven deadly sins, and wrote a haiku that applied that sin to the Guest Judge of the week. As Aldus won the Death Match week 2, he could mix up the sins they got - which he also did, when some had already written haikus for the sin they first got. To be safe whatever Aldus decided, Jeffan wrote seven haikus.

The winner of this Showdown was Locus.

Death Match

Suck On This, Beowulf!

The contestants wrote epic poems about nine MDD Gaidin and their Aes Sedai and the adventures they had while searching for artifacts looted from the White Tower during the Seanchan's occupation. No two Gaidin could be in the same location. The advantage Locus got as Showdown winner was that he could talk to his assigned Gaidin while the others couldn't.

Paderic didn't write a poem, but the judges decided that he could stay in the contest if he completed this challenge later, as well as one extra Captain's Challenge.

The fans saw Azi as most likely to win and Nico as least, but Locus won and Ray was eliminated.

Week 4 - The Blue Ajah

Guest Judge
Meilen "Bin" Sedai


Death Match

Week 5 - The Brown Ajah

Guest Judge
Adolla "Doll" Sedai


Death Match

Week 6 - Dai M'Hael

Guest Judge
Brienen "Not Vash, Damnit" Gaidin


Death Match

Week 7 - The Yellow Ajah

Guest Judge
Khisanth "Khis the Magic Dragon" Sedai


Death Match

Week 8 - The Gray Ajah

Guest Judge
Alyria "Lushy Lusty Luscious Lyri" Sedai


Death Match

Week 9 - San d'ma Shadar

Guest Judge
Miliham "Vanilli" Gaidin


Death Match

Holiday Special

Week 10 - The White Ajah

Guest Judge
Lyara "No, Not Lyri" Sedai


Death Match

Week 11 - Val'Cueran

Guest Judge
Valo "Pika Pika" Gaidin


Death Match

Elimination Chart

Week 0 Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11
Contestant S D S D S D S D S D S D S D S D S D S D S D
Bayrd B2 B3 OW B3 T3
Aldus L W B3
Azi T3 W T3
Ivanor OL
Paderic W W W T3
Locus 2nd L W W
Nico L T3
Jeffan T2 T3 W B3 B3
Ray W W E
Jermaine L B3 L E
Madhar E
Bryce Disq

Key to the letters

S = Showdown
D = Death Match
W = Winner
L = Loser
OW = Overall Winner
OL = Overall Loser
T2/3 = Top Two/Three
B2/3 = Bottom Two/Three
E = Eliminated
Disq = Disqualified