The Path of Daggers: Chapter 15

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn

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Stronger than Written Law

Chapter Icon: A Bull

Point of View: Egwene

Setting: Camp in Murandy

Characters: Egwene, Halima, Siuan, Gareth Bryne


Egwene dreams about Rand, Perrin and Mat. She meets with Gareth Bryne and decides to meet with Arathelle and Pelivar.


Egwene wakes in the middle of the night and remembers some recent dreams she had: Rand wearing different masks, until one became him; Perrin and a Tinker hacking though brambles that screamed with human voices they did not hear, forward to a cliff they did not know lay ahead; Mat weighing two Aes Sedai on a balance scale and his decision was very important.

She hears that Siuan has arrived and that Halima wants her to go so that Egwene can rest from her headaches. Egwene, however, follows Siuan outside, where the older woman tells her that Gareth Bryne is in her study. Upon arriving there, Bryne tells her that an army of Andoran and Murandians led by Arathelle and Pelivar is on its way south. If they move onward as before they might be on top one another in about two days. He thinks they want the Aes Sedai to keep out of Andor.

Egwene wants to avoid fighting and tells Bryne to arrange a meeting with them as soon as possible. When he is about to leave, she asks him how long he thinks she should rest his soldiers before laying siege on Tar Valon. After he is gone, she and Siuan talk about the Three Oaths and their disadvantage in dealing with the Seanchan. Egwene issues some orders, one of them having the Aes Sedai sworn to her plant seeds that have to grow quickly to serve her purposes.


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Visions and Prophecies

Egwene's Dreams
  • Rand, wearing different masks, until suddenly one of those false faces was no longer a mask, but him.
  • Perrin and a Tinker, frenziedly hacking their way through brambles with axe and sword, unaware of the cliff that lay just ahead. And the brambles screamed with human voices they did not hear.
  • Mat, weighing two Aes Sedai on a huge set of balance scales, and on his decision depended.... She could not say what; something vast; the world, perhaps.

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