The Path of Daggers: Chapter 14

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn

Dragon Chapter Icon.png

Message from the M'Hael

Chapter Icon: A Dragon

Point of View: Rand

Setting: Eastern part of Illian

Characters: Rand, Flinn, Hopwil, Dashiva, Torval, Narishma, Morr


Rand receives a letter from Taim about the status of the Black Tower and plans on attacking the Seanchan.


Rand returns to his tent, where Flinn meets him to report that Torval arrived with a message from Taim. When Rand steps into the council tent he finds Torval studying the maps. The Asha'man produces a letter from Taim stating the current numbers of the Black Tower. Rand wants to know about the training losses and the deserters.

Torval also informs Rand about the army of rebel Aes Sedai, but Rand reminds him of his orders to leave the Aes Sedai alone. Then Morr bursts in with news of the Seanchan moving to take Illian. Torval is doubtful, but Rand explains to him why they are taking the mountains instead of the trading routes.

He then plans how to go against the Seanchan armies, but Morr distracts his thoughts by telling him that he found the place an "Aes Sedai weapon" was used (it was actually the Bowl of the Winds). He says that saidin behaved oddly there; it often did not do what Morr wanted it to.

Rand issues orders to the Asha'man, urging Narishma to take special care with his task. When the nobles enter the tent, they find Rand laughing hard, because - though they do not know - Lews Therin has finally reappeared in Rand's head.

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