The Path of Daggers: Chapter 26

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Author: Val a'Shain

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The Extra Bit

Chapter Icon: Dragon's Fang

Points of View: Seaine, Toveine Gazal


Seaine and Pevara finds out that Zerah is a spy for Salidar. They make her take an oath to obey them using the Oath Rod and send her to bring another spy to them. They are surprised by Saerin, Talene, Yuriki and Doesine who find out what both of them are doing. All of them retake the oaths and declare they are not Black Ajah except for Talene who tries to leave. Logain bonds Toveine.


Seaine's Point of View:

Setting: The White Tower

Characters: Seaine, Zerah Dacan, Pevara, Saerin, Talene, Yukiri, Doesine

Seaine makes her way through the Tower looking for a particular sister. Everybody is on the edge, the Ajahs are further apart than ever due to the decrees Elaida has sent out lately. This had lead to some unfortunate incidents. Even Sitters are not safe it seems. Finally Seaine spots the woman she has been looking for, Zerah Dacan. She asks Zerah to follow her but doesn't explain. She takes the White sister deep into the underground levels of the tower, rarely visited these days. In a room down there Pevara is waiting for her with the Oath Rod.

Zerah is insulted when it becomes clear that the two think they caught her in a lie and that she therefore must be Black Ajah. They force Zerah to take an oath to obey them absolutely and declare she is not Black. Zerah does, and Seaine is disappointed that the one sister they thought to have caught in a lie after weeks of searching turned out to walk in the Light. Then they find out Zerah was sent by the Sisters in Salidar and that her task was to spread rumors about the Red Ajah setting up false Dragons. Pevara, a Red herself is very upset by this rumor and demands that Zerah tells her it is a lie. Zerah believes it true though. The oath to obey, and the oath not to speak a word that is not true, conflict and it almost kills Zerah.

Pevara wants to turn Zerah over to face trial but Seaine thinks they have better uses for her. With the oath to obey in place they can use her in their hunt. They quickly find out the names of the other Salidar spies. They send Zerah away with instructions to lead the first of the nine others to Seaine later.

Pevara and Seaine stay in the room a while longer debating how to proceed. Then they hear the door opening. Seaine manages to hide the Oath Rod before Saerin, Talene, Yuriki and Doesine walk in. All of them Sitters for their Ajah. Seaine and Pevara try to hide what they were doing, but Saerin figures it out anyway when she uncovers the Oath Rod that Seaine has been trying to hide. Without explaining it to the others first, she retakes the Three Oaths and declares she is not Black Ajah. One by one all the sisters retake the Oaths. Talene claims it is insulting and keeps voicing that opinion while the others retake the Oaths. When it is her turn to retake the Oaths she tries to leave. The others stop her.

Toveine Gazal's Point of View:

Setting: Near the Black Tower in Andor

Characters: Toveine Gazal, Logain, Evin Vinchova

Plowing through the snow in Andor, Toveine Gazal curses the day she was born. She curses Elaida too. The past twenty years of her life she was forced to do hard labour on a farm while Elaida got away and rose to Amyrlin Seat. Until Elaida called her back from exile on the farm and sent her on this mission. Elaida thinks Toveine grateful but she isn't in the least. She can wait her chance, though.

A man in a black coat appears to them. He tells them to surrender peacefully. Toveine finds herself shielded. So there are men who can channel in the Black Tower, it seems. How good of him to come meet them. She gives orders to take him and all men like him. With four sisters and only twenty Tower Guards they don't stand a chance though. She is plucked off her horse with the One Power and brought to a tall man in a black coat. Toveine is frightened now, she kicks and screams. The man in the black coat apologizes and says this is how they are taught to do it. Then he kisses her. When he breaks the kiss Toveine screams. The man tells her to be quiet, not channel and not try to escape. Toveine finds she has no choice but to obey. She finds out the man is Logain, a false Dragon she thought was gentled and dead. She demands to know what he did to her. When he explains Toveine cries and vows to make Elaida pay for this.

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