The Path of Daggers: Chapter 29

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A Cup of Sleep

Chapter Icon: A Dragon

Points of View: Min, Rand


Rogue Asha'man attack the Palace. Morr goes mad defending Min.


Min's Point of View:

Setting: The Sun Palace

Characters: Min, Rand, Fedwin Morr, Sorilea, Elza Penfell, Nesune Bihara, Beldeine Nyram, Erian Boroleos, Sarene Nemdahl, Shalon, Ailil

Min is trying to convince Rand to go see Elayne in Caemlyn. Fedwin Morr is present as well to send away people Rand doesn't want to see at that moment. Min is reminded how young he really is when she makes a comment on Rand sulking to him. Rand is determined to push Elayne away after he has received news this morning of her arrival in Caemlyn and the fact she had the Dragon Banners removed. Rand thinks she doesn't want him in Caemlyn. Before Min can resort to kicking to make him see sense Sorilea comes in.

She brings five Aes Sedai, Elza Penfell, Nesune Bihara, Beldeine Nyram, Erian Boroleos and Sarene Nemdahl, who came to Caemlyn to kidnap Rand. They have been in the care of the Wise Ones for a while and are now ready to serve the Dragon Reborn. Rand asks them why and they each have their own reasons. Min has a viewing that each of the women, including Sorilea, will serve Rand in her own way. Whatever that may mean. Rand accepts if they are willing to swear fealty like some of the other sisters did. The five promptly do and Rands tells Sorilea to put them with the others who have sworn fealty.

After they leave Rand decides it is time to find out what Cadsuane wants. He asks Min to join him, maybe she'll have a viewing. Min doesn't want to leave him out of her sight anyway so she accepts. They have just left the throne room when a massive blast hits the palace. The throne room they have left just moments earlier is reduced to rubble. Rand gives Morr orders to take Min to a safe place and guard her with his life. Morr assures Min he will take care of her. But who will take care of Rand?

Rand's Point of View:

Setting: The Sun Palace

Characters: Min, Rand, Dashiva, Gedwyn, Rochaid, Narishma, Flinn

As soon as Rand rounds the corner he seizes the Source. He doesn't want Min to see the effort it takes. He felt channeling from several directions just before the blast but it was too late to do anything about it. Are the Forsaken coming after him again? Rand starts searching the palace where chaos is now breaking out. Some people demand to know what happened, others fear the Dragon Reborn has gone mad.

Rand uses folded light to make sure he isn't seen but he is spotted once by Shalon and Ailil anyway. He shields and binds them to keep them safe. Shielding takes a lot of the Power though, he might have exposed himself doing so. When he leaves the room he hid both women in he sees Dashiva, Gedwyn and Rochaid. They are arguing over whether or not Rand is dead. Aparently Dashiva spots him and he channels. Without knowing exactly what he does Rand channels to protect himself and runs from the scene. When he returns later he can't find a trace of the three Asha'man. A bit later he runs into Narishma and Flinn and almost kills the first. Rand lies he didn't recognize him. The Asha'man seem to think everybody needs some time to cool down. Rand agrees and continues his search. He doesn't find the three Asha'man who tried to kill him though.

Min's Point of View:

Setting: The Sun Palace

Characters: Min, Rand, Fedwin Morr, Taim

Min is looking at Rand who is in turn looking at Morr. It wasn't fair what happened to Morr. She hoped Rand still had him shielded. Instead of Morr watching Min, Min had been watching Morr. Morr himself is now playing with wooden blocks building a tower, his mind now that of a small child.

Taim comes to see Rand. He reports Rochaid, Gedwyn, Kisman and Torval, all with Rand on his expedition against the Seanchan in Altara have deserted. He also offers to take 'this one' off Rand's hands. Rand reminds him that this one has a name. Fedwin Morr. Rand personally gives Morr the drugged wine to grant Morr a merciful death. Taim remarks Rand is harder than he thought. Min has to force herself not to cry.

Rand gives Taim orders to return to the Black Tower, add Dashiva to the traitors list and make sure the deserters are caught and killed. Rand himself will be traveling around for a bit. After Taim leaves Min tells Rand he can cry, that he won't melt if he does. Rand replies he has no time for tears. Min asks when they are going to leave. She isn't going to let him go off alone again. Ever.


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Visions and Prophecies

Min's Viewings
  • (About Beldeine) "Light, she was going to bond an Asha'man as a Warder! How?? No; it was not important now.".
  • (About Sarene) "Images and auras; a tempestuous love affair, of all things! The woman was ice, however beautiful. And there was nothing useful in knowing some man would melt her!".
  • (About Nesune) "One red-and-green aura spoke of honors, and fame. A huge building appeared above her head and vanished. A library she would found.".
  • (About Beldeine, Elza, Erian, Nesune, Sarene and Sorilea) "Among all of those images spilling around Rand and the women, suddenly an aura flashed, blue and yellow tinged with green, encompassing them all. And Min knew its meaning. She gasped, half in surprise, half in relief. 'They will serve you, each in her fashion, Rand,' she said hurriedly. 'I saw it.' Sorilea would serve him? Suddenly Min wondered exactly what 'in her fashion' meant. The words came with the knowing, but she did not always know what the words themselves meant. But they would serve; that much was plain."

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