The Path of Daggers: Chapter 6

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Author: Val a'Shain

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Chapter Icon: Insect like Helmet

Points of View: Elayne, Chulein


All the people leave the farm through a gateway to one of Elayne's estates in Andor. Elayne, Birgitte and Aviendha stay behind so Elayne could try to unravel her weave and deceive the Seanchan who arrive shortly to the farm. Elayne makes a mistake, destroying the gateway, killing a lot of the Seanchan and wounding the three women.


Elayne's Point of View:

Setting: Countryside around Ebou Dar, one of the Trakand estates in Andor

Characters: Elayne, Nynaeve, Aviendha, Birgitte, Renaile, Alise, Lan

They run with Elayne taking the lead. At the Kin's farm, Alise seems to have things well under control. Nynaeve tries in vain to take control, but Alise is always one step ahead of her. After Nynaeve gets into an argument with Renaile which is settled by Alise, she gives up control. Elayne frets a bit over the ter'angreal that have been packed while she has been absent. She realizes her concern is more that she considers them to be hers than there being any reason for concern.

The group gets ready to move quickly. Elayne opens a gateway to a meadow not far from one of the manor houses the Trakand family owns. The Sea Folk, the Kin and the Aes Sedai pour through. Elayne picked one of the more isolated estates as a destination. It's only two weeks of travel from Caemlyn. She hopes to get to the capital and claim the Lion Throne before anybody realizes she is in Andor.

After everybody has passed through the gateway, one problem remains. Elayne doesn't want to take the chance that one of the Seanchan damane can read the residue and discovers how to Travel. She tries to unravel her weave. The others protest saying that it is too dangerous. To cut the discussion short Elayne picks out the first threads. There is no going back now; she will have to finish it. Nynaeve and Alise lead the others to the manor with a message from Elayne. Birgitte and Aviendha stay with her. After some advice from Aviendha, Elayne starts. Halfway through, the Seanchan arrive at the other side of the gateway. They send soldiers and channelers. Birgitte and Aviendha hold them back as well as they can while Elayne works. Both get hit by arrows.

Finally Elayne realizes that she can't hold the weave much longer. The three of them retreat behind a rise and Elayne lets go of the weave. The explosion that follows kills all of the Seanchan on the Andoran side of the gateway and a large number on the other side. The three women are wounded and their horses are killed or gone. Aviendha explains some things about unraveling a weave that Elayne didn't know. It is very unpredictable what happens when a weave collapses. They could have been stilled; but it could also have been just a loud bang. Elayne realizes what a risk Aviendha took by staying by her side. She decides that she wants to become Aviendha's first sister. In the distance, Birgitte sees Lan and Nynaeve coming back for them.

Chulein's Point of View:

Setting: The Kin's farm

Characters: Chulein, Eliya

A thousand paces above the countryside Chulein and Eliya survey the land for threats to the Fists of Heaven. There are reports of a great number of marath'damane in the area. Their capture will make Chulein a fortune. She feels uneasy though. Trouble is approaching. Eliya cries out and suddenly their "raken" is hit by a very heavy gust of wind. It sends the raken spiraling in an uncontrolled spin. Chulein holds on for dear life and just before they hit the ground, the raken levels. Chulein escapes death, but the seat behind her is empty. Eliya wasn't so lucky. The farm to which the Fists of Heaven were sent has been obliterated; nothing could possibly have survived. The power unleashed there marks the Aes Sedai as a real threat. Chulein starts formulating her report.

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