The Path of Daggers: Chapter 5

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Author: Val a'Shain

Lion Chapter Icon.png

The Breaking Storm

Chapter Icon: The Lion of Andor

Point of View: Elayne

Setting: A hilltop near the Kin's farm

Characters: Aviendha, Elayne, Reanne, Nynaeve, Caire din Gelyn Running Wave, Renaile


Thirteen linked female channelers use the Bowl of the Winds. They realize the Seanchan are attacking Ebou Dar and decide they need to move. Elayne tells the Windfinders that their part of the bargain is not fulfilled until the weather changes.


The women who will attempt to fix the weather gather on a hilltop near the Kin's farm. Nynaeve's temper is flaring again now that Lan is outside her sight. Aviendha also seems uneasy. When Elayne asks why, Aviendha tells her that she has shamed her near sister by failing to make a proper gateway and panicking at shadows. Elayne convinces her that Aviendha hasn't failed anybody and fear is something Elayne herself feels as well. Elayne hands Aviendha one of the angreal to use in the circle they are about to form.

Before they start, Nynaeve approaches Elayne and asks her to let her know when she is making a fool of herself over Lan. She even apologizes to Elayne. Elayne tells her to pull herself together. Nynaeve also receives an angreal.

Reanne starts calling the Sea Folk women who will be part of the circle. The details of ranks among the Sea Folk still elude Elayne. Reanne puts Caire din Gelyn Running Wave in charge, something she considers a victory over another Windfinder. Caire assumes command by delivering an extraordinarily arrogant speech. She then orders Nynaeve to explain Linking to the rest of the circle.

Renaile seems to think that Linking is dangerous. One of the Aes Sedai states that it is not dangerous in order to convince her. One by one the women join the circle until a full thirteen are linked. Caire then tears the control of the circle away from Elayne and starts using the Bowl of the Winds. Elayne sees that it would takes many years of study to affect the weather like Caire is doing. She also notes that the Bowl of Winds uses both halves of the source, a very disturbing thought for the women in the circle. Caire releases the source without warning when she is done, a thoroughly unpleasant experience to the other women in the circle.

The weather hasn't notably changed, but Caire claims to have been successful. It will take a while for their efforts to take effect. The Sea Folk demand that the Aes Sedai now fulfil their part of the bargain. Nynaeve tells them she will be convinced it worked when the weather changes.

The women become aware of channeling on a large scale in the direction of the city of Ebou Dar. So much Power cannot be wielded even by one of the Forsaken. Nynaeve wants to go back to Ebou Dar to get Mat but Elayne tells her no. After what they just did none of them are capable of channeling much. Mat will have to take care of himself. Nynaeve is astounded that Elayne would leave him. Aviendha agrees with her near sister; there is too much at stake.

At that moment the first raken is seen in the sky. The Seanchan are attacking Ebou Dar. They will have to move quickly to avoid becoming damane. Elayne tells the Sea Folk that their half of the bargain isn't fulfilled as long as the weather hasn't changed and that they are to follow her to Caemlyn to see the bargain through. Most urgent of all though, she tells them to run off this hilltop before the Seanchan descend on them and leash them all. Much to Elayne's surprise, they run.

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