The Shadow Rising

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The Shadow Rising
Author Robert Jordan
Cover Artist Darrell K. Sweet
Series The Wheel of Time (#4)
Publication Date 15 September 1992
Pages 704 (U.S. Hardback edition)
ISBN-13 978-0312854317
Preceded by The Dragon Reborn
Followed by The Fires of Heaven

The Shadow Rising is the fourth book in Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series. First published on September 15, 1992 by Tor Books. It consists of a total of 58 chapters, and unlike all the other books in the series, it does not contain a prologue.

The audiobook, narrated by Michael Kramer and Kate Reading, is published by Audio Renaissance and is 41 hours and 13 minutes long.


Rand goes to the Aiel Waste. He is followed there by Moiraine, Egwene, and Mat. Elayne and Nynaeve continue their Black Ajah hunt in Tanchico. Read a brief plot summary of the book here: Brief Plot Summary.

The Shadow Rising's plot can be split into several main parts: In the White Tower, In the Stone of Tear, In the Two Rivers, In Tanchico, and in the Waste. The more detailed plot summary can be found here: Plot Summary.

Chapter Summaries

The volunteers at TarValon.Net have written very extensive summaries of each chapter in the book. Feel free to go through them here:


For a list of all the characters that appear in The Shadow Rising, check:


For a timeline of the events in this book, please see The Shadow Rising Timeline.

Other Issues

  • The Bulgarian edition was first released in 1999 by BARD publishing house (ИК "БАРД"), translated by Valerii Russinov (Валерий Русинов). There is no audiobook in Bulgarian.
  • The Norwegian edition was first released in 1999 by Tiden Norsk Forlag AS and translated by Jens Erik Røsåsen.

Titles in Other Languages

  • Bulgarian - Silata na Siankata - Силата на Сянката
  • Norwegian (issued in single volume): Skyggen stiger
  • Norwegian (issued in three volumes):
    • Dragen i Steinen (The Dragon in the Stone)
    • I Ødelandet (In the Waste)
    • Tårnet faller (The Tower falls)
  • Serbian - Dolazak senke

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