The Shadow Rising (Brief Plot Summary)

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Rand, Egwene and Mat go to the Aiel Waste. Nynaeve and Elayne go to Tarabon chasing a Black Ajah plot. Rand learns in a ter'angreal that the Aiel are descended from the same people as the Traveling People - those who served Aes Sedai and followed the Way of the Leaf in the Age of Legends. He is marked as Car'a'carn. Mat enters a separate ter'angreal and is given an indestructible ashandarei, an amulet to protect him against saidar and saidin and the memories of battle leaders long dead, together with the ability to fully speak and understand the Old Tongue. Rand tells the Aiel the truth about their history and captures Asmodean.

Perrin returns to the Two Rivers with Faile, Loial and three Aiel where he organizes them against Trolloc incursions, becoming a lord.

Elaida overthrows and stills Siuan and is raised Amyrlin. Siuan and Leane escape with the help of Min and Laras.

Nynaeve defeats Moghedien who escapes.

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