The Shadow Rising: Chapter 4

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Author: Asandra al'Terra

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Chapter Icon: A Harp

Point of View: Thom

Setting: The Stone of Tear

Characters: Thom, Mat


Thom plots against High Lords and persuades Mat to stay


Thom is in his room. He has just finished forging a note, supposedly written by the High Lord Carleon, that says: "Be wary. Your husband suspects." It was to be left in a place that High Lord Tedosian's wife could have left it carelessly.

Thom hides his forging "equipment" at a knock at the door, and is greeted by Mat. The young man asks Thom if anything odd happened, and when Thom enquires about what sort of odd, Mat tells him the story of the cards attacking him and finishes off by saying he plans to leave Tear, right that moment, and asks whether Thom would want to leave with him.

Thom manages to convince Mat, however, that he should stay at least until the morning before leaving, and they settle down for a game of stones.


Character Development

  • Mat has been attracting many women
  • Thom thinks Mat has a greatness he refuses to acknowledge clinging to him
  • When he thinks of leaving, he gets strange feelings

Are these real indications that something is about to happen, or just the pattern trying to get him to stay?


First Mention

Carleon, Alteima, Tedosian

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