The Shadow Rising: Chapter 55

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

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Into the Deep

Chapter Icon: Waves

Point of View: Nynaeve

Setting: The Panarch's Palace, the Three Plum Court

Characters: Nynaeve, Elayne, Egeanin, Amathera, Juilin, Bayle Domon, his sailors, Thom


After they got what they were in Tanchico for, Nynaeve orders Domon to dispose of the male a'dam


Nynaeve is running from the exhibition hall, looking for Elayne and Egeanin. As she runs, both her anger and saidar slip from her grasp. She sees several of the Black sisters as she makes her way through the palace, including Liandrin and Rianna. She finally finds Elayne and Egeanin, along with Amathera, and hugs Elayne.

Elayne says that Amathera caused a little bit of trouble with trying to escape from them, but that it has all been sorted out. "Do not scowl so, Nynaeve. I chased her down quickly, and we had a little talk. I think she is in perfect agreement with me now." Elayne then asks how Nynaeve's mission went, adding that when the palace started to shake (from the balefire) that she had had to restrain Egeanin from going to find her.

Nynaeve tells them that Moghedien had found her. She tells them about all that had happened, and Elayne is astounded that Nynaeve had captured Moghedien. She also assures them that she has the collar and bracelets as well as the seal.

Juilin appears; he is injured. He urges the women to hurry "before it gets out of hand." Past him, Nynaeve can see at least three hundred of Bayle Domon's sailors forming a semicircle about the door. Men are being jostled and are struggling and shouting in a seething mass, and they are barely held back by the sailors. Thom motions for them to hurry. When they leave the crowd behind, Thom bows to Amathera, saying that it is an honor to meet the Panarch. After a glance at Elayne she says, "You mistake me, good sir. I am only a poor refugee from the countryside, rescued by these good women." The men are startled, but Elayne cuts in, saying that they should get back to the inn. When they arrive, Elayne turns 'Thera' over to Rendra, saying that she is a refugee with no money who "needed a pallet and maybe some work to earn her meals."

The women begin talking, and Nynaeve wants to know how they almost let Amathera escape in the first place. Elayne changes the topic, saying that while Amathera does seem to have a true concern for justice, she has no idea what the lives of the common people are like.

Nynaeve opens her belt pouch and shows the others the seal and collar and bracelets. Bayle mentions that once he owned something like the seal that Nynaeve found, but she doubts him. Egeanin tells them that the collar and bracelets are not an a'dam, as an a'dam is made of a silvery metal and is all of one piece. Nynaeve replies that, "It is at least as much like an a'dam as you and I are alike, Egeanin."

Juilin tells them that he thinks both objects should be taken back to the White Tower, but Nynaeve refuses, thinking that some of the Aes Sedai might wish to use the collar and bracelets to control Rand. She asks if Elayne can destroy them. She tries, but to no effect. Instead, they decide to have Bayle Domon take them and drop them into a very deep part of the sea.

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