The Shadow Rising: Chapter 6

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Author: Manora al'Sara

Lion Chapter Icon.png


Chapter Icon: The Lion of Andor

Point of View: Elayne

Setting: The Stone of Tear

Characters: Elayne, Egwene, Nynaeve, Moiraine, Joiya, Amico


Moiraine explains her plans for Rand. Egwene and Elayne agree that Elayne can have Rand


Moiraine is angry with Rand and Elayne watches an exchange between the Aes Sedai and Nynaeve about how 'mule-headed' Two Rivers men are. Nynaeve is obviously satisfied that Moiraine is unable to influence Rand to do what she wishes. Elayne finds herself trying to head off the argument. Egwene asks Moiraine why she is so angry with Rand and instead of answering, Moiraine turns her attention to Joiya and Amico, whom Nynaeve and Egwene are in the process of questioning. Elayne is afraid of Joiya, who, she realizes, is not bound but is at least shielded from the True Source. She observes that Nynaeve and Egwene seem to be no more afraid of Joiya than Moiraine is and admits to herself that sometimes she finds it difficult to be brave and wishes she could be as bold as the others.

Elayne notices that for the first time Moiraine is not all cool and calm as normal and seems 'out of herself' and visibly needs to regain her composure. She is also aware that had it been Egwene or Nynaeve who were off balance, Joiya would have taunted them and tried to make them more upset, but with Moiraine, Joiya is plainly uneasy. Moiraine tells Joiya that she has made arrangements for her and Amico to be taken to Tar Valon in four days and threatens her with the Traitor's Court unless she can come up with something new to say. Amico seems to be terrified of Moiraine and once released from the bonds that had been holding her, drops to the floor in a curtsy in front of her. Nynaeve is angry with Moiraine for not taking more time to help question Joiya and Amico and because she has now decided to send them back to Tar Valon. Moiraine and Nynaeve argue. Nynaeve loses her temper with Moiraine telling her not to interfere in the task of chasing the Black Ajah that the Amyrlin has set them. Moiraine seems to be dangerously cool and looks as though she will teach Nynaeve a lesson about holding her tongue. Elayne feels that she has fallen into the role of peacemaker between the others. Elayne realises that she is, potentially, stronger than Moiraine, but that some of the things Moiraine does with the Power still amaze her. She is also aware that there are things that she, Egwene and Nynaeve can do that Moiraine cannot.

Elayne feels that she is betraying Egwene because of her feelings for Rand but she is upset because Berelain was in Rand's chambers. Moiraine apologizes to Egwene that she had to be told about Berelain. Egwene realizes how Elayne feels and admits to Elayne that she loves Rand like a brother and Elayne as a sister and wishes them well with each other. Elayne is surprised but relieved. Egwene shocks everyone by asking Moiraine if she has ever been in love. Moiraine then surprises them further by telling them she has a better idea who she will marry than either Egwene or Elayne. Moiraine then seems to regret speaking and tells them that she meant only to share an ignorance. She tells Nynaeve that she would not choose Lan.

Moiraine and Elayne tell Egwene and Nynaeve that Rand had almost died when a bubble of evil passed through the Stone, but that he is Healed. She also explains that Rand cannot at the moment stop these things from happening but that in time he will be better equipped to deal with them. Elayne feels that Moiraine's reaction to the whole incident is cold. Moiraine is angry with Rand because he will not move on from Tear and that the Forsaken will see his inaction as a sign of weakness. She tells the girls that she wants Rand to go after Sammael and for Tear to go to war against Illian. Nynaeve does not agree with her but Elayne suddenly comprehends that sometimes unpleasant things have to be done because the price of not doing them is worse. Moiraine is sympathetic towards her over this. Elayne realizes what Nynaeve doesn't - that war will come anyway, whether Rand begins it or not. Nynaeve is visibly shaken by this and Egwene is horrified at the understanding. Moiraine tells them that Rand is reading all of the Prophecies of the Dragon to see what they say to help him decide what to do and that she is worried that one of the Forsaken will have him before he has made up his mind. Nynaeve is more gentle about it, explaining to Moiraine that he is only trying to find his way. Moiraine is not affected and tells the girls that she will do what she must. Egwene and Elayne demand that she tell them what she intends.

Moiraine tells the girls about the Tairen Great Holding and the twisted doorway ter'angreal that is there. She tells them that she may step through it, but Elayne notices that she does not seem eager to do so. Nynaeve says that they had been there to see if Liandrin or the others had taken anything and Elayne says that she had seen the doorway when they were there. Elayne and Egwene immediately think of uses for it as soon as Moiraine tells them what it does. Moiraine is exasperated and tells them about the rules of using the doorway and the dangers. Nynaeve demands to know how Moiraine knows all this so she tells them how it used to be the property of the First of Mayene. Moiraine then advises the girls to concentrate on Tanchico and that she had sent pigeons to the Amyrlin and also reminds them of their status and then leaves them.

Elayne asks Egwene again if she meant what she said about Rand and that she often wondered if the jokes Min had made about them sharing him had been a viewing she hadn't told them about. She tells Egwene that she still believes that Rand is in love with Egwene. She is full of despair and thinks her mother will disapprove of him as well. Egwene tries to comfort her by reminding her about the reports of her mother's affair with Lord Gaebril. Nynaeve rejoins them and surprises them both by knowing exactly what they've been talking of and asking Elayne what she means to do about Berelain and if she's even sure she wants to go to the trouble because of what Rand will become. Elayne retorts that it doesn't matter and that she loves him regardless. Nynaeve is happy with her response and says she had to be sure. But still wants to know what Elayne plans for Berelain. Elayne declares she still doesn't know and she believes that Rand doesn't even know she exists. Nynaeve then asks what Elayne will do when they have to part, if Rand asks her to stay and she says she will still leave because she has duties and wants to become Aes Sedai. Elayne thinks the others would think her silly for worrying about Rand when they are searching out the Black Ajah and Nynaeve reassures her.


Character Development

  • Elayne thinks Egwene and Nynaeve are not scared of Joiya and that they are braver than her.
  • She is able to see the glow around Moiraine, though Moiraine is still faster at handling weaves.


  • What does Moiraine mean when she says she could wager she knows the face of the man she will marry better than either of the girls?

She also says that perhaps she just meant the shared an ignorance, but is this just an Aes Sedai way of distracting them? Did Min tell her something?

Visions and Prophecy

The Karaethon Cycle
  • Power of the Shadow made human flesh, wakened to turmoil, strife and ruin. The Reborn One, marked and bleeding, dances the sword in dreams and mist, chains the Shadowsworn to his will, from the city, lost and forsaken, leads the spears to war once more, breaks the spears and makes them see, truth long hidden in the ancient dream".

Moiraine tries to force this to mean Illian and Sammael, but we know the Aiel are looking for a chief of chiefs, so they would be a better fit.


  • Egwene thinks that Berelain had previously cast eyes at Rhuarc. Had she really, or is Egwene imagining things?


This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.

Visions and Prophecy

The Karaethon Cycle
  • Power of the Shadow made human flesh, wakened to turmoil, strife and ruin. The Reborn One, marked and bleeding, dances the sword in dreams and mist, chains the Shadowsworn to his will, from the city, lost and forsaken, leads the spears to war once more, breaks the spears and makes them see, truth long hidden in the ancient dream".

The Forsaken chained to his will is Asmodean, the lost and forsaken city is Rhuidean and the spears are the Aiel

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