Berelain sur Paendrag Paeron

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

BEH-reh-lain suhr Pay-ehn Draag pay-eh-ROHN


Berelain sur Paendrag Paeron is the First of Mayene, a small city-state near the nation of Tear (LoC, Ch. 17). Her full title is Berelain sur Paendrag Paeron, First of Mayene, Blessed of the Light, Defender of the Waves, High Seat of House Paeron (LoC, Glossary). The coronet of Mayene, which she wears for formality, is a golden hawk in flight above her brows (TDR, Ch. 56). Despite her young age, she has been ruling Mayene for quite some time (LoC, Ch. 17).


Berelain is only a few years older than Rand (LoC, Ch. 17). She is a tall woman with a regal bearing. She has black hair that sweeps to her shoulders, large, dark eyes, pale skin, and an admirable bosom. She is described as being "coolly imperious" (TDR, Ch. 56). She is incredibly beautiful, a fact commented and thought on by characters both male and female. Rand thinks that she is one of the most beautiful women he has ever met. He thinks that a man could easily drown in her dark eyes, that she has a face that would make a blind man stare, that the curve of her lips would spark thoughts of a kiss in a stone (ACoS, Ch. 18), and that she has the sort of voice that makes a man listen (LoC, Ch. 18). Mat thinks that she is a fine figure of a woman (TSR, Ch. 13). Most of the female characters in the series are annoyed by her beauty, but even Egwene admits that she is graceful (LoC, Ch. 24). Berelain usually wears very little clothing, the better to entice men. Most of the female characters in the series seem to think she is a lightskirt.


Berelain is a very forward and outgoing woman. Nynaeve once comments that Berelain may look soft, but that she isn't; she will fight for what she wants (TSR, Ch. 6). What she wants above all is to keep Mayene safe from Tear, and she does everything in her power to ensure that Mayene is safe. She uses her beauty like a man uses a sword, playing one man who finds her beautiful against another (ACoS, Ch. 18; CoT, Ch. 7). Because her beauty is one of her weapons, she has no compunctions about offering herself to men when she thinks it might keep Mayene safe. However, only two men have ever shared her bed, both for politics (WH, Ch. 5). She must, however, find some pleasure in chasing after men, because Egwene has seen some of her dreams, and she sometimes dreams of men in a way that makes Egwene blush to remember (LoC, Ch. 14).

Sorilea thinks that Berelain has spirit and that there are not many men who could match her (LoC, Ch. 24). Perrin thinks that Berelain is anything but demure; putting demure on her would be like putting a sheepskin on a ridgecat (WH, Ch. 5). Nynaeve comments that Berelain is the type of person to hold hard to something that she does not want just because someone else wants it (TSR, Ch. 6).

Because of her position as the First of Mayene, Berelain has a talent for judging political currents; Rand thinks that she might be as good as any Cairhienin (LoC, Ch. 50). She is good at negotiations; she has practice in negotiating treaties that cover the sale of a years' worth of oilfish harvest (CoT, Ch. 26). She is also very good at manipulation and maneuvering; she has kept Tear out of Mayene since she was 16 by playing the Tairens against the Illianers (TPoD, Ch. 10).

Berelain claims that she always keeps her promises (LoC, Ch. 50). Perrin thinks that Berelain will do what she promises, but he thinks she will have her own reasons for doing so, like an Aes Sedai, and that the things she makes no promises about can stab you in the back (WH, Ch. 5).

Condensed Timeline

Strengths and Talents

Relationships with Other Characters

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Berelain's people feel more than fondness for her (CoT, Ch. 7). Gallenne, the Lord Captain of the Mayener Winged Guards, claims that most of his gray hairs are because of Berelain (KoD, Ch. 4).

Annoura Larisen of the Gray Ajah is Berelain's Aes Sedai advisor. This fact was kept secret for a long time due to Tear's attitude toward both Mayene and the White Tower. While she was away from Mayene, Berelain sent detailed letters to Annoura to keep her up-to-date (ACoS, Ch. 19). By the time Colavaere was crowned Queen of Cairhien, Annoura had traveled to Cairhien in order to be with and advise Berelain (ACoS, Ch. 5). When Rand learns that Annoura is Berelain's advisor, he paroles the Aes Sedai into Berelain's custody (ACoS, Ch. 5). Annoura never hesitates about speaking up when she disagrees with advice offered to Berelain (CoT, Ch. 8). Annoura seems, at times, to be resigned to Berelain's chasing after married men; at other times, she seems amused by it, and even helps her out by arranging for her to be alone with Perrin (WH, Ch. 2). After Berelain learns that Annoura was meeting secretly with Masema, a rift opens between them (CoT, Ch. 26; KoD, Ch. 4). Berelain tells Perrin that she has little idea what Annoura thinks anymore, and that Annoura is not as forthcoming as she once was (CoT, Ch. 26). The rift between them does not heal after the successful attack on Malden (ToM, Ch. 2)

Torean is interested in Berelain (TSR, Ch. 3; Ch. 9); Rand is angry that Torean is trying to force his attentions on a woman who will not look at him (TSR, Ch. 9).

At first, Berelain is mostly interested into getting into Rand's bed in order to secure Mayene's safety. Although Rand refuses to sleep with her, he promises to keep Mayene safe from Tear (TSR, Ch. 2). He keeps his promise throughout the series. After Rand turns Berelain down and frightens her because of the bubble of evil that attacked them in his rooms in the Stone of Tear, Berelain is frightened of Rand for some time (TSR, Ch. 2; Ch. 9; Ch. 14). This eventually gets worked out, and she stops being afraid of him (ACoS, Ch. 18). Berelain was the first ruler to offer Rand an alliance freely. He trusts her because he knows that she needs him in order to keep Mayene safe from Tear. He puts her in charge of running Cairhien for him, and his reasons are several: as a foreigner, she has no reason to favor one faction over another; she has no hope of seizing power; she knows the running of a country; and she listens to Rhuarc's advise (LoC, Ch. 17). He trusts her to rule Cairhien until Elayne takes the Sun Throne, and even trusts her not to have any ambitions for the throne (LoC, Ch. 50). Rand is no longer comfortable seeing Berelain in person because he enjoys looking at her too much; while he does not think this is exactly wrong, he almost does (ACoS, Ch. 18).

Berelain generally tends to ignore Mat, which makes him angry. At one point, he is angry enough about her ignoring him that he tells her so, and as she walks away, he hears her mutter something about "too much like me" (TSR, Ch. 13). However, once she asks Rand to give her good wishes not only to Perrin, but to Mat as well (LoC, Ch. 19).

Berelain spends a good part of the series chasing after Perrin. He does everything he can to convince her to leave him alone: he reminds her that he has a wife, he avoids her, he tries spending all of his time with Faile, and he even shouts at her (LoC, Ch. 50; Ch. 51; Ch. 53). Perrin is extremely annoyed and does not know what more he can do to discourage her short of tying her up (TPoD, Ch. 7). Finally, he simply begins to tolerate her like he would a child playing around his feet (TPoD, Ch. 30). After Faile is captured, she begins to stop chasing him and is even sympathetic. He talks to her about missing Faile, and she listens and smells of sympathy (CoT, Ch. 25). Perrin thinks that Berelain has come to accept that he loves Faile and no one else, and that Berelain is as determined to see Faile freed as he is (KoD, Ch. 26). Perrin thinks that she is a beautiful woman, even more so since she has stopped chasing him (KoD, Ch. 4).

There is a rumor in Perrin's camps that he slept with Berelain on the night that Faile was captured. Even the Two Rivers men seem to believe it, and most of them will not look at Perrin when Berelain is in the vicinity (CoT, Ch. 26). Others, such as Lini, also believe the rumor (KoD, Ch. 26). People still whisper about the rumor following Faile's rescue (TGS, Ch. 17). Faile assures Perrin that she does not believe it, although she does admit to being jealous (TGS, Ch. 21).

For a long time, Faile despised Berelain. She considers her to be a milk-faced vixen, a sneaking sow, and a prancing she-goat. Faile is often very jealous of Berelain when she is chasing Perrin around. Berelain once swore to Faile that she would make Perrin hers, and that Faile could have him once Berelain is done with him, if he still wants her (TSR, Ch. 14). Because of this promise, Berelain and Faile fight over Perrin throughout the series. Faile thinks to herself that, because she cannot treat Berelain as she deserves, she is forced to play a game with Perrin as the gaming board, and as the prize, or so Berelain believes. However, while Faile still hates Berelain, a grudging respect has come to replace the contempt; Berelain knows when to put their game with Perrin aside. If it were not for Perrin, Faile thinks she might have actually liked Berelain (TPoD, Ch. 10). Faile tells Perrin that Berelain does not have the skill to handle him (TGS, Ch. 21).

Egwene does not like Berelain at all. Among other things, she would like to have her in the Tower as a novice, or would like to stuff her in a barrel and ship her back to Mayene in the bottom of a hold (TDR, Ch. 56; TSR, Ch. 6). She would rather have her tongue torn out than ask a favor of Berelain (LoC, Ch. 24), and Rand can imagine Egwene offering to dance the spears with her (LoC, Ch. 27). Egwene thinks to herself that Berelain cannot keep her mind on one man long enough to make him love her and that she will always be chasing after a new man (TSR, Ch. 6). She thinks that if Berelain ever finds a man who tells her "no," it will shake Berelain's world to its foundations (LoC, Ch. 27). Rand thinks to himself that Berelain does not like Egwene, either (LoC, Ch. 17). Even Egwene, however, admits that Berelain is graceful (LoC, Ch. 24).

Elayne also does not like Berelain. Like Egwene, she would like to have Berelain in the Tower as a novice (TDR, Ch. 56). When Egwene comments that she would like to stuff Berelain in a barrel and ship her back to Mayene in the bottom of a hold, Elayne adds that she wants to switch her all the way to the ship. Elayne is quite disgusted with Berelain because she was found in Rand's chambers (TSR, Ch. 6). Aviendha wonders why Elayne has not challenged Berelain over Rand (TSR, Ch. 9). Elayne dearly hopes that she is not the third woman in Min's viewing about Rand (TFoH, Ch. 50); she would rather strangle Berelain than share Rand with her (TSR, Ch. 12). When Elayne finds out that Aviendha is the third woman in love with Rand, she thinks to herself that it could have been worse: it could have been Berelain (LoC, Ch. 40).

Berelain thinks that Elayne is a good choice for Queen of Cairhien. She thinks that the Cairhienin will accept her, including, perhaps, the rebels in the hills (LoC, Ch. 50).

Nynaeve thinks that Berelain is the type of woman to fight for what she wants, and also to fight for and hold on to what she does not want just because someone else wants it (TSR, Ch. 6).

When Berelain and Min meet for the first time, Rand is reminded of two strange cats that have just discovered that they are shut up in the same small room. Min seems to be as disgusted as the other women over Berelain's behavior and manner of dressing, and wonders why she wears any clothes at all (LoC, Ch. 50).

Berelain's first reaction to Rhuarc was to attempt to seduce him (TSR, Ch. 6). Rhuarc, however, has a talk with Berelain that is apparently very embarrassing for her, although the readers are not privy to it (TSR, Ch. 14). When Berelain makes an insinuating comment to Egwene, in the hearing of the Wise Ones, that she will do whatever she can for Rand, Sorilea reprimands her, and Berelain, blushing, asks the Wise Ones not to tell Rhuarc (LoC, Ch. 24). When Rand puts Berelain in charge of Cairhien, Rhuarc is one of her advisors; one of the reasons Rand chose Berelain is because she listens to advice from Rhuarc. They share a study in the Sun Palace (LoC, Ch. 17). Rhuarc treats Berelain like a daughter, though Sulin comments that if Berelain were truly Rhuarc's daughter, Rhuarc would have no time for anything other than beating her (LoC, Ch. 53). Rhuarc reminds Berelain of her father. Sorilea thinks that Berelain should not depend on Rhuarc so much, as Rand gave Cairhien to her to tend (LoC, Ch. 24).

The Wise Ones have taken a liking to Berelain (LoC, Ch. 18). Even though the Wise Ones are usually suspicious of wetlanders, Berelain might as well be another Wise One for how they treat her (LoC, Ch. 19): like a woman of sense and respect (LoC, Ch. 18). Amys, like Rhuarc, seems to consider Berelain a daughter; Egwene once sees her kissing Berelain on the forehead and cheeks like a mother to daughter (LoC, Ch. 24). Sorilea also smiles on Berelain like a daughter (LoC, Ch. 18) and thinks that she has spirit; she thinks that the Wise Ones should find the right husband for Berelain, one to match her, if one such exists among the wetlanders (LoC, Ch. 24).

The Cairhienin people accept Berelain as their governor as much because she is not Aiel as because she was appointed by Rand. To some extent, Berelain supports the young Cairhienin who try to be like the Aiel; she even lets several of the young noblewomen whose parents do not approve stay in the Sun Palace and says that she will not deny the young women what she promised them (LoC, Ch. 17).

Dobraine Taborwin admits that Berelain knows how to run a city, but that she thinks every day is the Feast of Lights (LoC, Ch. 53).

Masema likely wishes to see Berelain dead (CoT, Ch. 25).

Breane Taborwin dislikes Berelain with a passion (KoD, Ch. 26).

Berelain believes that Rand wanted her to form a relationship with Perrin (ToM, Ch. 40).

She rationalises her attraction to Galad by saying he is half brother to Elayne (ToM, Ch. 40).

She is telling Alliandre that she needs to marry to make an alliance, but loses her train of thought when she sees Galad (ToM, Ch. 43).

She weeps a little at Morgase and Tallanvor's wedding (ToM, Ch. 44).

Viewings and Dreams

"A falcon and a hawk, perching on your shoulders. Both female, I think." (Min's viewing of Perrin, Faile, and Berelain; TDR, Ch. 6)

Perrin with a falcon on his shoulder, and Perrin with a hawk. Only the hawk held a leash in her talons, Egwene was somehow convinced both hawk and falcon were female, and the hawk was trying to fasten it around Perrin's neck."(Egwene's dream of Perrin, Faile, and Berelain; TDR, Ch. 25)

She had dreamed of Perrin with a wolf, and with a falcon, and a hawk, and the falcon and the hawk fighting. (Egwene's dream of Perrin, Faile, and Berelain; TDR, Ch. 37)

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Perrin came and stood before her, a wolf lying at his feet, a hawk and a falcon perched on his shoulders glaring at each other over his head. Seemingly unaware of them, he kept trying to throw away that axe of his, until finally he ran, the axe floating through the air, chasing him. (Egwene's dream of Perrin, Berelain and Faile; LoC, Ch. 15)

"He's found his falcon, and I wouldn't be surprised if she kills him when the hawk appears." (Min commenting about her viewing of Perrin, Faile and Berelain; LoC, Ch. 46)

"I saw nothing of any use to you. Just a man in white who will make her fall head over heels. Some women have no shame at all!" (Min's viewing about Berelain; LoC, Ch. 50)

Berelain's Journey

The Eye of the World

There is no relevant reference to Berelain in this book.

The Great Hunt

There is no relevant reference to Berelain in this book.

The Dragon Reborn

  • Moiraine knows that Rand is in Tear because the First of Mayene, who has been a "guest" in the Stone of Tear for months, has announced that she will submit to the will of the High Lords of Tear. Just the day before, she had sworn that she would see Mayene and all of its ships burn before giving in to Tear. Because the High Lords did not even have to torture her for her submission, Moiraine is certain that it was Rand's ta'veren effect (TDR, Ch. 53; TSR, Ch. 2).
  • After the fall of the Stone of Tear, Berelain brings a message to Moiraine, though she complains that she is not used to being given messages to carry. She tells them that the message was given to her by an impressive woman (Lanfear). She smiles at Rhuarc, who is with Moiraine, and comments that the fighting in the Stone of Tear disturbed her sleep, and that perhaps she will ask him to dine with her one day quite soon. She tells Moiraine to inform the Dragon Reborn that the First of Mayene will dine with him tonight, and then marches out of the room (TDR, Ch. 56).

The Shadow Rising

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  • After Rand captures the Stone of Tear, Berelain does not return to Mayene; Rand thinks that this is odd, as most rulers would, after being held captive for months, immediately return to their throne and nation (TSR, Ch. 2).
  • Berelain sneaks into Rand's rooms with the intent of seducing him; she gets past his Aiel guards by telling them that Rand summoned her. Rand is very embarrassed to see her, as he is wearing nothing but his smallclothes. He tries to make her return to her chambers, saying that he will speak to her in the morning, but she argues that he is always surrounded by Tairens and Aiel during the day. When she continues trying to seduce him, he pushes her away with a flow of Air and imprisons her with it; at first she looks afraid, but she manages to control her fear. He tells her to go away, promising that Tear will never bother Mayene again, but she begs him to be able to stay (TSR, Ch. 2).
  • After Rand and Berelain are attacked by bubble of evil that causes his reflections to come to life, she is terrified and, thinking that she did something to offend him, and probably fearing that he is going mad, she apologizes and begs him to forgive her, swearing on her mother's name and under the Light that she will not bother him again. Rand replies that there is nothing to forgive, and tells her to leave if she wishes. Before she leaves, she tells him that she will send the Aiel in to him, if he wishes, but he tells her that he would appreciate it if she tells no one what happened. She agrees and leaves quickly (TSR, Ch. 2).
  • Perrin and Faile are walking through the Stone of Tear when Berelain hurries out of Rand's room. Perrin, trying to prove to Faile that he can be polite, bows very low to her, though Faile barely nods. Perrin can smell fear from Berelain, rank and raw, and so stares after her, angering Faile and probably starting the contention between the two women. They see Torean stop Berelain, and Perrin can hear him saying something about offering Berelain protection; she replies sharply and leaves him (TSR, Ch. 3).
  • Rhuarc runs into Berelain, and she tells him about what happened in Rand's rooms (TSR, Ch. 3).
  • Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve are not very pleased with Berelain for being in Rand's rooms (TSR, Ch. 6).
  • Rand tells the High Lords of Tear to approach Berelain and ask her price for hiring some of her ships so that they can ship grain to Illian. He also tells them that they will offer her a treaty pledging that Tear will leave Mayene alone in exchange for the ships (TSR, Ch. 8).
  • Berelain has not been leaving her chambers lately, likely because of her encounter with Rand in his rooms (TSR, Ch. 9).
  • Rand is angry that the High Lords of Tear have not yet spoken to Berelain about ships to take the grain to Illian. Rand tells Meilan and Sunamon that if they have not spoken to Berelain and offered her the treaty by midday on the next day, he will have them hung by sunset the next day, and that he will hang two High Lords every day if he must until the treaty is offered and signed (TSR, Ch. 9).
  • Mat passes Berelain in the halls of the Stone of Tear. He bows elegantly and formally to her, but she just sweeps past him. He becomes angry at her ignoring him and says so. He hears her mutter something about "too much like me" as she walks away (TSR, Ch. 13).
  • Berelain visits Perrin in his rooms. She informs him that she will be leaving for Mayene on the next day; after Trollocs attacked the Stone of Tear and Rand killed them using saidin, she is apparently too afraid to stay in the Stone any longer. She tells Perrin that she is telling him so that he can let Rand know. Perrin tries to get her to tell Rand herself, but she says that she does not think Rand would wish to see her. He tells her to give her message to a servant, instead, and tries to make her leave his rooms, but she seems intent on staying. When she learns that Perrin is a blacksmith, she comments that she has use for a blacksmith in Mayene. Faile enters Perrin's rooms before Berelain leaves; when Faile sees her, Berelain moves closer to Perrin and runs a hand up his arm and across his shoulder, and tells him that she always gets what she wants. When Perrin and Faile are alone, Perrin, in an attempt to distance himself from Faile, mentions that Berelain wants him to go to Mayene and that, after he is done in the Two Rivers, he might (TSR, Ch. 14).
  • Faile finds Berelain outside in the hallways. Faile tells her that Perrin belongs to her and threatens to shave Berelain's head as bald as an egg if she does not forget about Perrin. The two begin to fight; as they fight, Berelain taunts Faile, saying that she will make Perrin hers, and that Faile can have him when she is done with him, if he still wants her. Eventually, Rhuarc shows up and stops them. He sends Berelain to her rooms, telling her not to leave them until the sun is above the horizon, and that he will see that no breakfast is brought to her; he thinks that perhaps a bit of hunger will remind her that there is a time and a place for fighting. When she argues, he tells her that if she does not leave, they will repeat their first talk, right out in public; whatever the talk was about, it must have been very embarrassing for Berelain. When Faile asks about it, Rhuarc replies that it is between him and Berelain (TSR, Ch. 14).

The Fires of Heaven

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  • Rand receives a message that Berelain is a few hundred miles south of the city of Cairhien, on her way to join Rand with a small army. Rand does not know how she managed to get across Tear. Rand thinks to himself that, likely Berelain thinks he might forget about protecting Mayene from Tear if she does not remind him. He thinks of possibly putting her in charge in Cairhien (TFoH, Ch. 51).

Lord of Chaos

This section contains spoilers relating to Lord of Chaos. Please expand to view.

  • Berelain has been put in charge of Cairhien by Rand (LoC, Ch. 14). He puts in her in charge for many reasons: she was the first ruler to freely offer an alliance to Rand; he can trust her because she needs his help in keeping Tear away from Mayene; she is a foreigner and therefore has no reason to favor one faction over another, nor does she have hope of seizing power; and because she knows the running of a country. She knows what she is doing, and she listens to advice from Rhuarc. The Cairhienin accept her as much because she is not Aiel as because Rand appointed her (LoC, Ch. 17).
  • Rand Travels from Caemlyn to Cairhien; he meets Havien Nurelle, Berelain's Lord Lieutenant, and has Nurelle take him to Berelain and Rhuarc, but they find Rand before he can have them found. When Rand asks them if everything is well, Berelain tells him that it is as well as can be expected. They speak of matters in Cairhien, including the young Cairhienin who try to act like the Aiel, Caraline Damodred and Toram Riatin, and the Shaido. They also talk about the Aiel in the south; Berelain thinks that there should be more Aiel in Cairhien. She also talks to Rand about things such as the attempts to resettle farmers; she thinks that, by the next year, there should be no need for grain from Tear, if the drought ever stops, and mentions that merchants are once more coming to Cairhien, before moving on to speak of finances. When Mangin arrives to tell Rand that he killed a Cairhienin and will accept the penalty of murder, Berelain will not look at Rand. When Rand becomes angry that Berelain did not tell him about it, she responds that she is not used to men coming up to her and telling her they just committed murder, and then curses the Aielmen and their honor. Rhuarc tells Rand that he has no cause to be angry with Berelain (LoC, Ch. 17). Rand orders them to have Mangin hung tomorrow, then leaves them (LoC, Ch. 18).
  • Before Rand leaves Cairhien on the next day, Berelain tells him that Mangin has been informed of his impending death. Rand does not seem to care, and the Wise Ones frown at her disapprovingly, probably for bringing it up. Berelain and the Wise Ones accompany Rand to the Traveling grounds, but none of them speak to him. Before he leaves, Berelain asks Rand to give Perrin her warmest wishes, and Mat, as well (LoC, Ch. 19).
  • Egwene finds Berelain sipping tea with Amys, Bair and Sorilea. When Egwene announces that there are Aes Sedai in Cairhien, Berelain stands, saying that she must return to the palace; she wonders what the Aes Sedai will feel about no one being there to greet them. She asks Amys if she could send a message for Rhuarc to meet her in the palace. Sorilea tells her that she should not rely on Rhuarc so much; Rand gave Cairhien to her to tend. As Berelain leaves, Amys kisses her on the forehead and cheeks, as if she were a daughter; this astounds Egwene. Egwene tries to warn Berelain that the Aes Sedai must be handled carefully as Elaida means no good to Rand, and Berelain replies insinuatingly that she will do whatever she can for Rand. Sorilea reprimands her; Berelain blushes and asks the Wise Ones not to tell Rhuarc, which they agree to (LoC, Ch. 24).
  • Berelain offers Elaida's embassy to Rand accommodation within the Sun Palace, but they refuse to stay in the palace for even a night. Later, Sarene comments to the rest of the embassy that Berelain might be difficult; she has been speaking with Berelain, likely about what will happen in Cairhien if/when Rand leaves, but she thinks that more time will be necessary with her. Sarene does not know whether the apple or the whip would work better with her. Erian replies that they will use whichever necessary (LoC, Ch. 25).
  • While Elaida's embassy is in Cairhien, Berelain receives no fewer than ten visits from various members of the embassy, advising her on what she should do when Rand returns to the Tower. She receives the strong impression that she should return to Mayene, or else be escorted there (LoC, Ch. 53).
  • Rand comments to Egwene that Berelain is troubled and uneasy about something, but that she won't say what it is (LoC, Ch. 27).
  • In an attempt to take his mind off of Lews Therin, Rand tries to concern himself with other issues. Berelain is ready to jump out of her skin for the number of times he asks her about things that she is perfectly capable of handling herself. He thinks that she has begun trying to avoid him (LoC, Ch. 28).
  • Rand's visit to Cairhien seems to have shaken everyone except Rhuarc. Berelain seems to have gone into hiding, refusing to see anyone she does not have to, and apparently Rhuarc has taken her to task for neglecting her duties, though it had little effect (LoC, Ch. 32).
  • When Rand is back in Cairhien, he calls Berelain to task for neglecting her duties, which Rhuarc told him of. She asks Rand who he means to have rule in Cairhien, and he tells her that he means to give the Sun Throne to Elayne; Berelain replies that Elayne is a good choice (LoC, Ch. 50).
  • In the following days, Berelain is back at work over reports of grain shipments, resettlement of refugees, and repairs to damages (LoC, Ch. 50).
  • Now that Perrin is in Cairhien, Berelain begins to seek him out once again. The first time she approaches him, he manages to name Faile his wife six times in as many sentences, and to say twice how much he loves Faile, in an attempt to discourage Berelain (LoC, Ch. 50).
  • The next day, Perrin sees Faile talking to Berelain. He catches Berelain reminding Faile that she always keeps her promises; she is likely referring to her promise that she will make Perrin hers (LoC, Ch. 50).
  • Berelain begins to stalk Perrin. At first, Perrin thinks that it is just chance encounters in the hallways, but it happens too often. She always touches him, though not blatantly. Perrin begins to dread seeing Berelain and tries to head in the opposite direction when he smells her nearing him. Whenever she manages to corner him, he tries mentioning Faile, or asking Berelain to stop. She does not seem to hear Faile's name, and asks him what he wishes her to stop. When he simply asks her to leave him alone, she does not comply, and Faile becomes extremely jealous. Perrin begins leaving the palace to hunt early in the mornings and does not return until late. Every night, Berelain is waiting for him and he has to work hard to avoid her (LoC, Ch. 50). Finally, Perrin gives up and spends a whole day with Faile, and Berelain does not approach him that day (LoC, Ch. 51).
  • After Rand has been captured by Elaida's embassy, Berelain enters the room in which Perrin, Faile, Loial, Dobraine, and Sulin are talking. She is carrying something long and narrow, wrapped in a blanket and cradled in her arms. Perrin, thinking that she has come to flirt again, shouts at her to leave. Berelain is so surprised that she drops her bundle and takes a step back. Perrin then realizes that what Berelain has dropped is Rand's sword and dragon buckle, and they all realize that Rand has been kidnapped. Berelain acts nervous of Sulin when the Maiden decides to shed her livery and take up the spear again for Rand, and she steps closer to Perrin. Perrin tries to go stand by Faile, who moves away, and Berelain follows him. He keeps trying to escape and she keeps following, until he finally turns on her and orders her to stay where she is, which she does. Berelain comments that few men can make her obey, but that she thinks he is one. Finally, she becomes serious, and tells them how she went and searched around in Rand's apartments, worried about the rumors concerning him and the Aes Sedai, and found the sword and buckle (LoC, Ch. 53).
  • Berelain wants to lead her Winged Guards in the rescue of Rand from the Aes Sedai, but Rhuarc convinces her otherwise, telling her that if she leaves the city that she was placed in charge of by Rand, more rumors will grow. She takes his advice and stays in Cairhien (LoC, Ch. 54).

A Crown of Swords

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  • When Perrin leaves to aid in the rescue of Rand, Berelain puts about the story that Perrin is at a manor not far from the city where she can visit him. This makes Faile incredibly angry (ACoS, Ch. 6).
  • When Colavaere Saighan becomes the Queen of Cairhien, she takes both Berelain and Faile as attendants. Faile believes that Colavaere only took Berelain as an attendant in order to throw the two of them together, so that she could amuse herself waiting for Berelain and Faile to claw each other's eyes out (ACoS, Ch. 6).
  • Berelain is not one of the women attendant on Colavaere when Rand arrives back at the Sun Palace (ACoS, Ch. 5).
  • When Rand learns that Annoura is Berelain's Aes Sedai advisor, he paroles Annoura into Berelain's custody. After the mess with Colavaere is sorted out, Rand has Annoura bring him to Berelain (ACoS, Ch. 5). Rand does not find her in the palace; she is instead staying the night on the Sea Folk ship anchored in the river (ACoS, Ch. 6).
  • When Berelain returns from the Sea Folk ship, there is a man waiting on the dock with a knife. He got no closer to her than three steps because she had a dozen of the Winged Guards and Captain Gallenne with her. There are rumors in the palace that Berelain betrayed Colavaere, and so Rand is worried that those loyal to Colavaere might try to have Berelain killed again (ACoS, Ch. 18).
  • Because he is worried about the attempt on Berelain's life, Rand sends her a letter bearing orders for her to return to Mayene. Berelain and Annoura speak to Rand about it, and Berelain demands an explanation, saying that she has governed well in his name and that he knows it; she could not stop Colavaere from being crowned, but she was able to stop her from changing the laws. She is angry that he did not even tell her to her face, but sent her a letter, thanking her for her service and then dismissing her like a clerk who is done collecting taxes. She offers to stay and help him smooth things over with the Sea Folk, as Harine is angry that Rand has not been to see her yet. Rand thinks to himself that Berelain wishes to stay in Cairhien with Rand because Rand can protect Mayene. He offers her any guarantees of Mayene's safety that she wishes, but she will not have it. She tells him that, while she sits in Mayene with his guarantees, others will serve him and ask for rewards, and her service to him will fade from his mind; she is worried that if someone like Weiramon gave Illian, Murandy, or Altara to Rand, that he might ask for Mayene in return. Rand asks her if she will serve him even if it means leaving. When Cadsuane arrives and dismisses Berelain, Rand asks her to think on his proposal, and she replies that she will serve him wherever and however he wishes (ACoS, Ch. 18).
  • Berelain accompanies Perrin and others to Ghealdan. As far as anyone in Cairhien knows, she is on her way back to Mayene (ACoS, Ch. 27). She leaves a letter with Min, afraid that Rand will drag his feet with the Sea Folk, asking Min to remind Rand that he must do something about the Sea Folk (ACoS, Ch. 33). In Ghealdan, it will be Berelain's job to speak to Alliandre, the Queen of Ghealdan, to ascertain whether or not she supports Rand. Perrin is very concerned with keeping as much distance between Berelain and himself and Faile as possible (ACoS, Ch. 27).

The Path of Daggers

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  • Berelain tells Perrin that she thinks she should be the one to speak to Alliandre, since it is why she was sent to Ghealdan; apparently, Faile thinks the job should be hers, and Perrin is unsure whom to choose. Berelain tells Perrin that Annoura, as an Aes Sedai, will be granted an audience right away and that she will therefore be granted an audience as well, with none the wiser save Alliandre, since she will simply accompany Annoura (TPoD, Ch. 7).
  • Perrin finally decides that Berelain will be sent to Alliandre in Bethal, with Annoura and Gallenne. Berelain chortles in delight. Before they leave, Perrin stresses caution, and emphasizes that Berelain, and only Berelain, is to speak to Alliandre. They leave, with Berelain carrying a simple message saying that Rand understands Alliandre's caution in contacting him, but that if she wants his protection, she must support him openly (TPoD, Ch. 7).
  • Berelain meets with Alliandre. Berelain tells Alliandre a great deal about Rand and Perrin (TPoD, Ch. 10).
  • Berelain, Annoura, and Gallenne return from Bethal with Queen Alliandre. In Perrin's tent, Berelain introduces Alliandre to Perrin. When Alliandre swears fealty to Perrin, Berelain nods her head frantically, urging him to accept. When he does, she smiles strongly in relief (TPoD, Ch. 10).
  • When Perrin leaves the tent after Alliandre swears fealty to him, Berelain comments snidely to Faile about her new servants, Maighdin and the others, and Faile replies that they suit her well enough, and that she always thought Berelain was fit for hiring servants, the meaning of which Berelain does not understand. Faile then asks Annoura to ward the tent against listeners; Annoura does so, and Berelain does not look pleased at having Annoura accepting Faile's orders. Berelain seems to approve of Faile's plan of having Alliandre write to her nobles about the banner of Manetheren that Perrin has raised; the nobles will run to Masema with the news, but Alliandre will also tell them that she will take care of Perrin herself, so that Masema need not be bothered. This will cause confusion among them (TPoD, Ch. 10).
  • Instead of running from Berelain or shouting at her, Perrin now tolerates her blandishments as he would a child playing around his feet. This pleases Faile very much, for some reason, likely because Perrin is no longer letting Berelain play with him (TPoD, Ch. 30).

Winter's Heart

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  • Faile, Berelain, Alliandre, Maighdin, Bain, Chiad, and others go out hawking while Perrin is in Abila. Faile thinks to herself that Berelain's presence is the only real blight on the outing, though watching her shiver in the cold is certainly amusing, since Mayene does not have a "real" winter. When Faile is informed by Parelean, Arrela, and Lacile that Masema has been meeting with the Seanchan, she announces that she must go to Abila to tell Perrin, and instructs Alliandre to take Berelain and Maighdin with away her. However, a group of Shaido Aiel attack right then. Faile tells everyone, including Berelain, that they must all ride like fire, for someone must reach Perrin with the news. Everyone but Berelain is either captured or killed. Once among the Shaido, Faile thinks to herself that the worst thing about it all is that she must now hope that Berelain was able to escape to reach Perrin (TPoD, Ch. 30). Later, Faile hopes that Berelain has reached Perrin and told him everything, but that afterwards, she fell into a hole and broke her neck (WH, Ch. 3).
  • Berelain informs Perrin of the Aiel attack and the fact that his wife and others were captured. No one else from the party has returned, though she hopes that someone else has escaped as well. She has sent a squad of lancers to scout, and they should return by nightfall with news. When Arganda wants to put the Aiel with Perrin to the question over Alliandre's capture, Berelain explains to him that the Aiel with Perrin were not involved. When Perrin reminds Arganda that Alliandre swore fealty to him, which makes him Arganda's lord, and tells him that he will question or touch no one unless he says so, Berelain tells him that he did that very well. She looks full of pity and compassion for him. When she tries to touch him, he backs away, telling her that his wife has been taken and that he has no time for her childish games. She blushes, but tells him that her games are not childish, and comments that, with two women contesting over him, she would think he would be flattered. Berelain and Gallenne ride off, speaking together (WH, Ch. 2).
  • Berelain finds Perrin outside with Tallanvor, mourning over the loss of Faile and Maighdin, nearly frozen, and has Perrin brought to her tent; no one else had the nerve to disturb him. Annoura Heals him, though is still afraid he might die, and Perrin spends the night sleeping in Berelain's tent. When Perrin awakens, he and Berelain talk. Berelain tells him that no one hopes that Faile is alive more than she does, and she even smells honest. He tries to leave, but she, displeased, leaves before him. She returns with news that one of her maids is bringing hot food. She then tells Perrin that she knows he is hurting, and she offers him her shoulder to cry on, telling him that they can call a truce until Faile is found. He asks, carefully, why they need a truce. She responds, "Very well, Perrin. If that is how you want it," though Perrin does not understand what she means by that. Her scent is affronted. She then tells Perrin about what she, Faile, and the others learned before the Shaido attack, that Masema is meeting with the Seanchan. She also tells him that the scouts she sent out searching for Faile, who were killed, were not killed by Aiel, unless Aiel have begun using crossbow bolts. As he leaves, she reminds him that he must use discretion in dealing with Masema (WH, Ch. 5).
  • As Perrin leaves Berelan's tent, her maids and thief-catchers seem to think that he has spent the night with Berelain in more ways than one (WH, Ch. 5).
  • The next day, Perrin has men sent to tell Berelain and Arganda to have the Mayeners and Ghealdanin moving (WH, Ch. 6).

Crossroads of Twilight

This section contains spoilers relating to Crossroads of Twilight. Please expand to view.

  • Perrin and Balwer speak of having some of the Cha Faile spy on Berelain. Medore Damara would be the most likely choice; because her father is a High Lord of Tear, she has sufficient rank to approach Berelain (CoT, Ch. 5).
  • Everyone in the camp believes that Perrin slept with Berelain on the very night that Faile was taken, and Berelain has done nothing to correct the tale. Perrin has avoided her since that night (CoT, Ch. 6).
  • Berelain speaks to Perrin under the guise of flirting. She gives him a basket of food, since he did not eat that morning, and she comments that obviously he did not wash, either. She does not smell like a hunting she-wolf, like usual, but of patience, amusement, and fear. Perrin wonders if it would be disloyal to eat food brought by Berelain. She tells Perrin to go wash, since a noble is expected to look like a noble; they can't afford for Perrin to begin losing respect, not surrounded by enemies as they are; Berelain believes that Perrin may be their only chance of reaching their homes alive again, and that without him, everything falls apart. She tells him to smile, so that people think they are flirting and not speaking seriously, and Perrin bares his teeth while thinking to himself that Berelain has stripped him of any respect he had by letting others think that he has been disloyal to Faile with her. She then tells him that she has had her two thief-catchers spying on Masema, and makes a comment about Faile's Cha Faile spies being there as well; Perrin thinks to himself that he will have to warn Balwer to be careful in setting people to spy on Berelain, since she is aware that Cha Faile is being used as spies. She tells Perrin that, in the basket of food, there is also a document that one of her thief-catchers stole from Masema's camp, and she warns him not to let anyone see him reading it. It happens to be an order from Suroth, saying that the bearer of the document is to have whatever aid he requires. Berelain let her thief-catchers go back to Masema's camp, but they have not yet returned to Berelain, and she is worried. Perrin tells her that Masema likely knows she has the document, and that he hopes she is keeping a heavy guard about her at all times. She replies that, as of last night, Gallenne has fifty men sleeping around her tent. They speak briefly about Annoura, who wants Berelain to hand the document over to her to burn, and Perrin ends up telling Berelain that Annoura has been meeting with Masema. She smells alarmed, though Perrin does not know if it is because her advisor is meeting with Masema or if it is because Perrin knows. She comments shortly after that she will find out what Annoura is up to, and she smells determined (CoT, Ch. 6).
  • When she sees the Darkhound tracks, Berelain stares at them with as little expression as if she were Aes Sedai, though her hands tighten on her reins. Gallenne tries to convince Berelain that the Mayeners should turn back since there are enemies all around. Berelain replies that they will go on, since, if there are enemies all around, going on is as safe as turning back. She says, though, that even if it were safer to turn back, she still would not; she intends to see Faile rescued, and her men cheer her on. Berelain then asks Masuri, who is studying the Darkhound tracks, what she has learned (CoT, Ch. 7).
  • When they receive news that Masema is on his way, Berelain states that she will not run from him even though he likely wishes her dead, though Gallenne obviously disagrees with her decision. Gallenne tries to arrange his men between Berelain and Masema's approaching men, but she gives him a sharp look, and they change their formation, though she is still at the center of it. When Masema arrives, he tells Perrin, Berelain, and the others that there are full storehouses in So Habor, since he knows that Perrin's group is running out of supplies; Berelain questions him about it (CoT, Ch. 7).
  • When the scouts find the Shaido camp, Arganda asks the Wise Ones if the Shaido will take a ransom for the prisoners. Berelain tells Perrin that if they will, her jewels are at his disposal, and that if necessary, Grady and Neald can fetch more jewels, as well as gold, from Mayene. Perrin decides that they will pay no ransom. He wishes to see the Shaido camp, but Berelain, Gallenne, and Annoura disapprove. As they ride back to their camp, Berelain rides beside him, trying to engage him in conversation. She smells doubtful and uncertain about his decision, and he thinks that she might wish to talk him into paying the Shaido a ransom. Finally, Berelain gives up and goes to ride with Gallenne. They talk, glancing now and then at Perrin. Berelain tells Annoura to accompany Perrin when he goes to spy on the Shaido camp (CoT, Ch. 8).
  • Berelain has stopped smelling as if Perrin is a fat lamb caught in brambles for her meal. He talks to her about missing Faile, now, and she listens and smells of sympathy (CoT, Ch. 25).
  • Berelain gets ready to accompany Perrin into So Habor to buy supplies for their armies. She contributes money for the supplies, along with Perrin and Arganda (CoT, Ch. 25).
  • Perrin, Berelain, and the others enter So Habor. Once they are inside, Perrin wants to find somewhere else to trade because the place makes everyone uneasy, but Berelain replies that they are already there, and that there is nowhere else. They speak to the grain merchants, and Berelain handles the negotiations. They look at samples of the grain, but Berelain insists on seeing the storehouses as well. When it is found out that the food is full of weevils, Berelain tells them that she will pay only half the price she last offered, and only if the grain and beans are winnowed (CoT, Ch. 26).
  • Perrin and Berelain speak briefly about what is happening in So Habor with the ghosts. They leave the town and return to their camps (CoT, Ch. 27).
  • Berelain appears where Perrin, Masema, and others are gathered around the captured Shaido that were brought back to the camp to be questioned. She wrinkles her nose when she sees the Aielman that was being tortured. While Perrin considers what to do with the prisoners, he notices the reactions of several of those around him; Berelain smells of judgment (CoT, Ch. 27).

Knife of Dreams

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  • Berelain is present when a captured Galina is brought to Perrin. Berelain tries to excuse Perrin's lack of manners to Alyse (the name Galina is using) by saying that he is under considerable strain. Alyse/Galina tries to convince Berelain to help her talk Perrin into not attacking the Shaido too soon. Berelain speaks with Alyse/Galina about Perrin and invites her to stay for dinner. When Alyse/Galina tells Perrin to hit her before she leaves, so that it looks like she was attacked and beaten, he refuses to do it; Berelain does it instead (KoD, Prologue).
  • Berelain accompanies Perrin to his meeting with the Seanchan. Gallenne tries to convince Berelain to return to the camps, but she insists on accompanying Perrin when he rides forward to meet Tylee Khirgan and Bakayar Mishima. Annoura also thinks that Berelain should return, but Berelain is taking pains to stay away from Annoura, due to a rift that has opened between them. Annoura wishes to accompany Berelain when she rides forward with Perrin, but Berelain refuses. Once Perrin and Berelain have been introduced by Tallanvor to Tylee and Bakayar Mishima, Tylee questions Berelain on her name, and Berelain tells Tylee that her family is descended from Artur Paendrag. Tylee tells her that this makes her a distant cousin of the Imperial family and that, no doubt, the Empress will honor her, so long as she does not make any claims to Hawkwing's empire. Berelain replies that the only claim she makes is to Mayene, which she will defend to her last breath. When Tylee later makes a comment that the Seanchan have crossed the ocean to take back their lands, Berelain replies hotly that those on this side of the ocean mean to keep their lands, and tells Tylee that the Ever Victorious Army of the Seanchan is misnamed because she has heard that Rand has beaten them before; she informs Tylee that Perrin can beat them, as well (KoD, Ch. 4).
  • When Perrin enters his tent after supervising the adding of forkroot to the aqueduct outside of Malden, Berelain and Tylee are waiting for him, along with Annoura, Aram, Lini, Breane, and Balwer. When Tylee tells Perrin that she wishes to speak to him alone, Berelain tells that she and Annoura will leave, but Perrin replies that anything Tylee wishes to say, she can say in front of everyone else. When the world ripples just after Tylee informs Perrin that there are two large parties of Aiel moving towards Malden, Berelain shudders and Perrin puts a comforting arm around her; she clings to him, trembling (KoD, Ch. 26).
  • On the morning when the rescue of Faile is to take place, Berelain, Annoura, Masuri, and Masema ride up to Perrin. Berelain smells of patience and anxiety. She reminds Masema that he had wished to speak with Perrin. Later, Perrin thinks to himself that Masema has reason to wish him and Berelain dead, and that he will tell Gallenne that his primary task that day is to protect Berelain from Masema's men (KoD, Ch. 29).
  • Berelain had half-suggested to Perrin that she might lead the Winged Guards into the charge to free Faile, but she does not; she is instead surrounded by Winged Guards intent on protecting her. She objects to her soldiers being held back from the fighting to protect her (KoD, Ch. 29).

The Gathering Storm

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There is no relevant reference to Berelain in this book.

Towers of Midnight

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  • Faile tells Berelain that the only way to deal with the rumors that Berelain allowed to fester is for them to fight to the death (ToM, Ch. 18).
  • She says she will make a public statement that nothing happpened, and when Faile tells her that is not enough, says the two of them must feign freindship. Faile tells her she must also find another man to transfer her interest to (ToM, Ch. 18).

A Memory of Light

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  • She agrees to sign the Peace of the Dragon before hearing the third requirement (AMoL, Ch. 5). She is the first ruler to sign (AMoL, Ch. 6).
  • She returns to Mayene to run the hospital where the injured will be Healed (AMoL, Ch. 10; AMoL, Ch. 13).
  • She tells Perrin that Faile's caravan was destroyed by a Bubble of Evil (AMoL, Ch. 37).
  • Berelain sends people to the refugees from Caemlyn to see if they need healing. Instead, the refugees ask Berelain to bring them to the Field of Merrilor so that they might participate in the battle (AMoL, Ch. 37).
  • Berelain coordinates new waves of wounded that have been brought to the hospital. She wants to try to get the gai'shain to either fight or help with locating wounded, as currently, most of them are simply waiting to "minister to the victors" of the battle. One of the Aiel at the hospital tells her that the gai'shain might help with the wounded, but would never fight (AMoL, Ch. 37).
  • Annoura brings Galad to Mayene for Berelain, burning herself out in the process. Although Berelain and Annoura haven't been on the best of terms recently, Berelain is heartbroken for the Aes Sedai (AMoL, Ch. 37).
  • Berelain holds Galad's hand as he lays wounded in bed. They converse briefly (AMoL, Ch. 37).
  • Later, as Galad sleeps, Berelain notices that he is wearing a medallion--one of the copies Elayne made of Mat's foxhead. Galad wakes and whispers that it needs to be sent back to Mat. Berelain sends it through a gateway with a note, and Lan ends up with it (AMoL, Ch. 37).


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  • Rand thinks to himself that he does not know much about Berelain except that she walks through the Stone of Tear as if it were her palace in Mayene (TSR, Ch. 2).
  • Thom says that the First of Mayene asks questions constantly, and of everyone (TSR, Ch. 2).
  • Egwene wishes she could bring herself to wear the kind of dresses that Berelain wears; although they are not suitable for the public eyes, they certainly do appear to be cool (TSR, Ch. 5).

This section contains spoilers relating to Lord of Chaos. Please expand to view.

  • There are many rumors in Cairhien; one of them is that Berelain is to be crowned on the Sun Throne (LoC, Ch. 24).

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  • She has eight hundred Winged Guards with her in Cairhien, aside from those who went to Dumai's Wells with Nurelle (ACoS, Ch. 18).

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  • When she is in Ghealdan with Perrin, she has a large tent, larger than Perrin and Faile's, in the Mayener part of the camp, plus one for her two maids and another for the two thief-catchers that she insisted on bringing. Annoura and Gallenne also have tents of their own (TPoD, Ch. 7).

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  • Berelain knows that her people are being spied on by Cha Faile, and Balwer knows that she knows, and she knows that he knows (CoT, Ch. 25).


Quotes about Berelain

"Berelain may look soft - she certainly makes men see her so! - but I do not think she is. She will fight for what she wants. And she's the kind to hold hard to something she doesn't particularly want, just because someone else does want it." (Nynaeve to Egwene and Elayne; TSR, Ch. 6)

"Like a statue carved from marble, a relic from the Age of Legends. A perfect thing left behind. For us to worship." (About Galad; ToM, Ch. 29)

Quotes by Berelain

The First ignored her. Stepping close to Perrin, she ran a hand up his arm, across his shoulder. For an instant he thought she meant to try pulling his head down for a kiss... she certainly lifted her face as if for one... but she only trailed her hand along the side of his neck in a quick caress and stepped back. It was over and done before he could move to stop her. "Remember," she said softly, as if they were alone, "I always get what I want." And she swept past Faile and out of the room. (Berelain and Perrin; TSR, Ch. 14)

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"Guarantees." Bleakness engulfed honey, and anger bubbled again, cold this time. Annoura plucked at Berelain's sleeve, but she paid the Aes Sedai no heed. "While I sit in Mayene with your guarantees, others will serve you. They will ask then rewards, and the service I did here will be faded and old, while theirs is bright and new. If the High Lord Weiramon gives you Illian and asks Mayene in return, what will you say? If he gives you Murandy, and Altara, and everything clear to the Aryth Ocean?" (Berelain to Rand; ACoS, Ch. 18)

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"Despite what you may have heard, you will be only the third man to share my bed." Her eyes were... smoky... yet she might have been saying he was the third man she had spoken to that day. Her scent... The only thing that came to mind was a wolf eyeing a deer caught in brambles. "The other two were politics. You will be pleasure. In more ways than one," she finished with a surprising touch of bite. (Berelain to Perrin; WH, Ch. 5)

This section contains spoilers relating to Crossroads of Twilight. Please expand to view.

"There will be no alteration, Lord Gallenne." Sometimes it was easy to forget that she was a ruler, small though Mayene was, but there was a regal note in her voice fit for the Queen of Andor. Back straight, she made her saddle seem a throne, and she spoke loudly enough to make sure everyone heard her decision, firm enough that everyone knew the decision had been made. "If we have enemies all around, then going on is as safe as turning back or turning aside. Yet if turning back or turning aside were ten times safer, I would still go on. I intend to see the Lady Faile rescued if we must fight our way through a thousand Darkhounds, and Trollocs as well. That I have sworn to do!" (Berelain; CoT, Ch. 7)

"When you go to buy a sack of flour,' she said, "wear plain wool so the sellers think you can't afford to pay any more than you must. When you're after flour by the wagonload, wear jewels so she thinks you can afford to come back for all she can lay hands on." (Berelain to Perrin; CoT, Ch. 25)

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"The only claim I make is to Mayene," Berelain said proudly. "And that I will defend to my last breath." (Berelain to Tylee Khirgan; KoD, Ch. 4)

"And we mean to keep our lands," Berelain said fiercely, making her mare lunge across the few paces of dead grass between her and the Seanchan. The mare was eager to lunge, eager to run, away from that wind, and she had trouble reining the animal in. Even her scent was fierce. No patience now. She smelled like a she-wolf defending her injured mate. "I've heard that your Ever Victorious Army is misnamed. I've heard the Dragon Reborn defeated you soundly to the south. Don't you ever think that Perrin Aybara can't do the same." Light, and he had been worried over Aram's hotheadedness! (Berelain to Tylee; KoD, Ch. 4)