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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn

If you are looking for the Cairhienin noble, see Toram Riatin.


Toram is Cargomaster of the raker Wavedancer and married to Coine. He is heavy-shouldered and gray-haired with four golden earrings in each ear and a long puckered scar down his cheek that he earned fighting the Seanchan off of Wavedancer (TSR, Ch. 19).

He is the first person Elayne has ever seen with glasses (TSR, Ch. 19).


  • In 998 NE, when the Seanchan wanted to take over Wavedancer, he led the attack against them (TSR, Ch. 20).
  • When Elayne and Nynaeve talk to Coine and Jorin about the gift of passage, he enters his wife's cabin, intending to tell her about a trade he plans. He is displeased when he learns they are not going to Mayene and Shara (TSR, Ch. 19).


"'By midday, my husband,' Coine said, 'I will be falling downriver. By nightfall I will be at sea.'
He stiffened. 'Am I still Cargomaster, wife, or has my place been taken while I did not see?'
'You are Cargomaster, husband, but the trading must stop now and preparations begin for getting under way. We sail for Tanchico.'"
(Coine and Toram; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 19)