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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn

If you are looking for the Atha'an Miere man, see Toram


Toram of House Riatin was a powerful Cairhienin noble and High Seat of his House as well as a Darkfriend. He was very tall, strikingly handsome and slender except for broad shoulders, with a strong chin on a pale face, a deep, rich voice and a hint of gray at the temples of his dark hair (ACoS, Ch. 35; WH, Ch. 33). He was Ailil Riatin's brother (TPoD, Ch. 21).

He was an ambitious man and after the throne of Cairhien (ACoS, Ch. 35).

He was a blademaster and owned a heron-mark blade (ACoS, Ch. 36).


  • He and Caraline gather an army in the foothills of the Spine of the World in rebellion against Rand. Rumor has it that ten thousand Andoran soldiers have joined them, but Rhuarc's scouts say that the number in their camp is not that large (LoC, Ch. 17).
  • Their numbers are still growing, but they don't concern Rand. When Berelain hears of Rand's choice for the throne of Cairhien, she thinks even the rebels would accept Elayne (LoC, Ch. 50).
  • The rebels approach the city of Cairhien, proclaiming Colavaere Saighan a usurper. When the High Lord Darlin and the other Tairen rebels join them, they feast and drink as if celebrating something (ACoS, Ch. 3).
  • Rand asks himself what emboldened the rebels to move, what they intend and how he can stop or use them (ACoS, Ch. 7).
  • He is conferring with Padan Fain as Rand enters the rebel camp with Min, but they stop their talk and look at him when he enters the tent Caraline and Darlin take him to. After Cadsuane has spoken to Caraline, Toram joins them, telling Rand that he intends to marry Caraline and asking him for a little "sport" with practice swords. Rand accepts (ACoS, Ch. 35).
  • Toram tells the people around him to clear some space for him and Rand. He thinks "Tomas" doesn't know how to use the sword and comments on his attire, that he will be confined in his coat and that his grip will slip if he leaves his gloves on. Rand doesn't react other than assuming a fighting pose and they start sparring. Min observes that Toram seems to wish his practice sword was steel, his face burning with "cold rage" and his eyes glittering with "icy fury." When a bubble of evil strikes, Toram lands a blow on Rand's side, intent on killing him, before he freezes and stares. He assumes it is Rand's work and shouts for Fain. Cadsuane tells him to stop, but he doesn't. He grumbles over having to assume the rear in their circle, until Cadsuane mentions the honor of being rear guard. When Rand shoots balefire at the fog surrounding them, Toram finally realizes who he is. Screaming that he will not be trapped by Rand, he breaks away from the group (ACoS, Ch. 36).


The Houses Riatin and Damodred put their bitter rivalry aside to join forces and rebel against Rand (LoC, Ch. 17), yet Toram is still after the throne (ACoS, Ch. 35)

Toram has promised Daved Hanlon gold and estates if he and his White Lions fight for him (ACoS, Ch. 35). Rumor has it later that the man deserted Toram (TPoD, Ch. 27).

He is influenced by Padan Fain, who served as his advisor during the rebellion (TPoD, Glossary). Caraline calls him "his constant companion these days" (ACoS, Ch. 35). Rumor has it later that Fain deserted him (TPoD, Ch. 27), but it appears that Toram followed the other man to Far Madding (WH, Ch. 33).

He wants to marry Caraline, but she has already declined and will not change her mind. She says he makes her feel unclean and he is amused at her coldness towards him (ACoS, Ch. 35). He is very jealous and suspects every pretty man who talks to Caraline of being her lover (ACoS, Ch. 36).

Toram hates Rand, even more so after Fain joins him. Caraline advises Rand to be careful with him, because she thinks Toram wants to see him dead more than he wants the throne. When Rand is introduced to him as "Tomas Trakand," Caraline's cousin, he also refers to him as cousin, because that's what he would be if Toram married Caraline (ACoS, Ch. 35). Rand is surprised to see him in a worn-out state later in Far Madding (WH, Ch. 33).

House Maravin is an old ally of House Riatin (TPoD, Ch. 21).

It is rumored that his sister Ailil would do anything for him, even join his enemies to function as a spy (TPoD, Ch. 21). She calls Toram impetuous and rash (TPoD, Ch. 22).


  • He wears a long dark coat bearing horizontal stripes to the knees in the colors of his House (ACoS, Ch. 35).
  • He thinks "women never know their minds until you show them" (ACoS, Ch. 35).
  • He dislikes anyone giving orders but himself (ACoS, Ch. 36).
  • Elayne thinks she has good claims on the Sun Throne, but would not stand a chance against House Riatin or Damodred without the Tower's or Rand's support (TPoD, Ch. 24).
  • Cadsuane thinks Toram will still cause trouble even after his rebellion seems to have dissipated (WH, Ch. 13).
  • Several nobles supporting House Riatin approach Ailil to encourage her to take the High Seat of her House, but she wants Aes Sedai approval first. Samitsu says no, because Toram was still alive when last seen, and those sworn to him will likely oppose his sister (CoT, Prologue).


"Lady Caraline and Lord Toram led the Cairhienin who refused to accept that Rand and the Aiel had conquered Cairhien, just as High Lord Darlin led their counterparts in Tear. Neither revolt amounted to much; Caraline and Toram had been sitting in the foothills of the Spine of the World for months, making threats and claims, and Darlin the same down in Haddon Mirk." (Perrin; A Crown of Swords, Chapter 3)

"Toram Riatin was even better-looking close up than at a distance, with the sort of strong male beauty and air of worldly knowledge that would have attracted Min before she met Rand. Well, she still found them attractive, just not as much as she did Rand. His firm-lipped smile was quite appealing." (Min about Toram; A Crown of Swords, Chapter 35)