Towers of Midnight: Chapter 15

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Author: Bryce al'Mara

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Chapter Icon: Frayed Weaving

Points of View: Nynaeve, Egwene


Nynaeve and Naeff check out a Bubble of Evil. Egwene learns all she can about Mesaana.


Nynaeve's Point of View:

Setting: Streets of Tear

Characters: Nynaeve, Naeff, Rand

Nynaeve and Naeff are walking down the street and Naeff sees Myrddraal in the shadows because of the madness he got from the taint. They are heading for All Summers neighborhood where there has been a bubble of evil. People run by them scared looking over their shoulders. They arrive to a line of Defenders who let them by. The area of the city is blander. Nynaeve asks the defenders if they have helped anyone but they tell her they have not let anyone in because it's not safe. Nynaeve tells them to start looking for injured people or Rand won't be happy. As Nynaeve steps forward the paving stone under her feet turns to dust. As she takes more steps she notices all the stones she touches turn to dust. They walk into an inn to find everyone frozen in place not moving. The floor of the inn is gone and they can see the cellar. Nynaeve delves multiple people in the room without touching them and they all show no signs of life. Nynaeve has Naeff create a gust of wind and everything turns to dust and blows away. They do this to the whole part of the city and create a cyclone of the dust. Nynaeve adds fire and it all catches on fire. Naeff says maybe the Fades caused it which makes Nynaeve want to delve him. She asks him to stand still and delves him. She finds the madness in his head nestled in like thorns and pulls them out. After she takes the thorns out the madness disappears and he no longer sees the Fades. Nynaeve sends him on his way and then Rand shows up. He thanks her for helping his people and for helping him. Nynaeve brings up his breaking the seals, asking if it will make the Dark One more powerful. Rand replies it will for a moment but that he has to face him while he is strong. He then tells her not to change like all the other Aes Sedai and to keep her passion. He then tells her to go to Egwene and that he wants her there with him at the Last Battle as one of the three to use Callandor. She tells him that she will be there. She then delves him to see if she can heal his madness but sees that there are thousands of thorns. She tells him she can't heal him but she will heal the other Asha'man before she leaves.

Egwene's Point of View:

Setting: White Tower

Characters: Egwene, Saerin, Yukiri, Seaine

Egwene is having a meeting with Saerin, Yukiri, and Seaine asking them what they have discovered about Mesaana. Yukiri and Seaine have a list of possibilities for how she could have avoided the oath rod. Seaine tells Egwene that there is a possibility that Mesaana had a second oath rod on her that she had an inverted weave of spirit set on so that she could forswear any oaths they made her take. The second possibility they suggest is that she could have sent a lookalike that used the mirror of mists and was put under compulsion and since they weren't dark friends they would have been able to say it. Egwene states that it would have taken a lot of preparation and Saerin says that from what she learned about Mesaana that she was good at preparation. The third possibility is that she used a weave that made it sound like she was saying things she wasn't. So she could say something and it would sound like she was saying the oaths. Egwene tells them to continue looking. Saerin then goes into her report about Mesaana saying she was a researcher that was rejected. That she governed the Aes Sedai that went to the Shadow, leading them into battle at times. Saerein says out of the Forsaken she is the realist, the one that will step in and get her hands dirty. She says she was kind of like an Amyrlin for the Shadow. She then tells them that Mesaana is only second in anger to Demandred. Egwene then sets out to make plans to capture her.


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How much of the info they found on Mesaana is true?
Will Nynaeve be able to heal everyone's madness or was she only able to heal Naeff because he didn't have much madness?
What is Egwene planning?

Character Development

  • She is set on learning everything about Mesaana and capturing her.
  • She has developed the ability to heal madness at least for some.
  • She is becoming more and more skilled at Delving.
  • She does not like not being able to heal everything.

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