Towers of Midnight: Chapter 16

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Author: Bryce al'Mara

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Points of View: Faile, Perrin


Faile takes care of some business in the camp and then meets Perrin for a one year marriage celebration.


Faile's Point of View:

Setting: Camp close to the Jehannah Road

Characters: Faile, Bavin Rockshaw

Faile travels through the camp thinking about how Perrin had sent scout to Cairhien and about him sneaking off to meet the Whitecloaks. As she passes Berelain's tent she thinks about how she still has to deal with her. Faile thinks back to when she left Saldaea two years before because she wanted to escape the inevitable and yet now she is using all the things her mother had taught her. She thinks about how much she has changed since she left recklessly to become a Hunter for the Horn. Her training under her mother had made her ready for where she was now. Faile arrives at the quartermaster's station. The quartermaster Bavin asks Faile if she was there to check the ledgers and she tells him she is. Faile points out some things she noticed around the camp that hints at him taking bribes but makes no accusations. hoping that it would keep him worried enough to keep himself in check. She then heads back to meet Perrin.

Perrin's Point of View:

Setting: Camp close to the Jehannah Road

Characters: Perrin, Faile

Perrin is at the top of a hill sensing for wolves and feels some way off in the distance. Faile asked him to meet her here at dusk and he is waiting for her. Faile arrives dressed to impress and Perrin notes that he hears others at the bottom of the hill. Faile tells Perrin he looks concerned and Perrin tells her that he feels at fault for Basel Gill being taken captive and that he can't believe anyone would follow him with his failures piling up. Perrin talks about how in the Two Rivers he would have given himself up but now he wouldn't. Faile explains to him that it's because he is becoming a better leader. Perrin talks about how he never wished he left and about how he should run off to some other village but Faile explains that the Two Rivers will now have a lord no matter what it would simply be someone else. He realizes that she is right. Faile makes a motion to some of her servants and they come up the hill and set up a blanket and some food. Faile tells them that in Saldea they have a celebration of a year anniversary called the Shanna'har and although they don't celebrate it in the Two Rivers she wants to have one but in a Two Rivers fashion. Taking something Tam did with his wife and just going somewhere new and camp and spend the day with one another. As they Faile mentions Perrin having Wolf in him and this begins a conversation where Perrin tells her about what he did in Malden. Faile tells him he did a good job of handling things while she was gone and he says he could not have done it without Berelain. Faile tells him she will take care of Berelain and the rumors. Perrin tells her about how he killed the two Whitecloaks and about the emotions that go through him when he battles, he tells her about Noam and about Hopper. Finally releasing some of the burden he feels. Faile in return tells him what happened with her at Malden. Afterwards Faile tells him that she's glad they had this conversation without arguing. Perrin asks her if they can still have a reconciliation and Faile tells him that she has given the servants orders to ensure their solitude. Perrin then realizes that the awkwardness and worries between them are now gone.


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Character Development

  • She is growing up in accepting her responsibilities and realizing that she was a fool for ignoring them.
  • She shows her cunning with the situation with the quartermaster.
  • He is finally accepting that he has to be Two Rivers Lord and that they need him.
  • He finally gets the burden off his chest that he has been carrying around since shortly after the beginning of his journey.


First Mention

Torven Rikshan, Varkel Tius, Soffi Moraton, Nikiol Dianatkhah, Jonasim, Lyonford, Belairah

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