Towers of Midnight: Chapter 30

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Author: Bryce al'Mara

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Men Dream Here

Chapter Icon: A Wolf

Points of View: Faile, Perrin


Faile plans to rescue Perrin if things go badly. Perrin sees Rand return to the Light on Dragonmount.


Faile's Point of View:

Setting: Camp off the Jehannah Road

Characters: Faile, Lacile, Selande, Dannil Lewin

Faile is walking with Lacile and Selande who went to the Whitecloaks camp to deliver a letter and to seek information. They tell Faile that Galad has been telling them that they must ally with the Aes Sedai for the Last Battle. Faile determines from this that Galad is reasonable. Faile meets Dannil and asks about the arrangements. He tells her that Neald and Grady will be ready to get Perrin out if they need to and Two Rivers folk will be in the trees with bows to give cover.

Perrin's Point of View:

Setting: Tel'aran'rhiod

Characters: Perrin, Hopper

Perrin is in the Wolf Dream chasing Hopper using what he has learned to make Tel'aran'rhiod bend to his will making vines and bushes move out of the way. Hopper goes over a cliff and as soon as Perrin follows Hopper attacks but Perrin is ready. Hopper makes shadows and mists to confuse Perrin. Perrin focuses on the air being dry and the mists disappear. They travel to the area where the mysterious dome was and check it out again. Hopper disappears and Perrin follows him and appears in water. He has a hard time. Hopper tells him he is not ready to fight Slayer but there is a way to learn faster. He takes Perrin to Caemlyn in Tel'aran'rhiod and shows him people's dreams. Telling him to smell for fear. Perrin enters a dream, he finds a person who is running from shadowy things. When he asks who it is they reply it's the Dragon Reborn which makes Perrin think of Rand and remember that he is in a dream. The dream disappears. Hopper tells him the Last Hunt comes and to follow him. They travelled to the slopes of Dragonmount. There are many many wolves, more than had even been there recently. Perrin notices the clouds are black and coming to a head at the top of the mountain. Hopper tells Perrin a choice will be made and it will determine if there is a Last Hunt or not. Perrin makes his way to the top against winds and when he reaches the top finds Rand. A shell of evil blackness surrounds Rand until a little light shines through. Small cracks appear and then the blackness shatters. Sunlight shines down in a column to the top of Dragonmount. Wolves appear, Hopper being one of them and they howl. Perrin joins them, the Last Hunt begins.

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