Towers of Midnight: Chapter 57

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A Rabbit For Supper

Chapter Icon: Five dice, arranged in a ring

Point of View: Mat

Setting: Outside the Tower of Ghenjei

Characters: Mat, Moiraine, Thom


Moiraine, Mat and Thom catch up. Moiraine and Thom bond.


The survivors move away from the tower and Moiraine tells them about the Finn. She is weak in the Power now as they drained her ability. She tells them that Lanfear was killed because they drained her too quickly. Mat tells her a little of what Rand has done, including cleansing the taint and Thom tells her that Mat married the Empress of Seanchan. Moiraine tells Thom that she'll marry him and agrees to bond him as well. Mat wonders what effect losing the eye will have on his ability to fight and accidentally kills a rabbit.


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Who came for Lanfear?

Was it Moridin? Or Slayer? Or someone else? What did they bargain?

Character Development


Thom agrees to marry Moiraine.

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