Towers of Midnight: Chapter 56

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Something Wrong

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Points of View: Egwene, Androl


The armies gather at the Field of Merrilor. Androl decides to work with Pevara against Taim.


Egwene's Point of View:

Setting: The White Tower

Characters: Gawyn, Egwene

Gawyn enters Egwene's room to tell her that Elayne is on her way to the Field of Merrilor and that he believes that Perrin may take Rand's side. He tells her the Whitecloaks are with Perrin and that Galad leads them. She tells him that at least a part of Rand knows what he is doing is wrong, which is why he told her, so that she could oppose him. Gawyn sees Morgase.

Androl's Point of View:

Setting: The Black Tower

Characters: Androl, Canler, Emarin, Evin, Mezar, Norley, Pevara

Androl and Emarin try to make gateways, with Evin and Canler watching, but neither is able to. Norley tells Androl that there is something wrong with Mezar and the person with Mezar's face is not him. Androl doesn't believe this until Mezar smiles at him, seeming not quite alive. He decides they need help and goes to see Pevara. She is suspicious, but lets him in when he tells her the Aes Sedai aren't the only ones that want to leave.


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Is it Emarin or Algarin?

It shouldn't be Emarin but his older brother Algarin. Emarin was gentled by Cadsuane and died years ago. A mistake made by Brandon Sanderson, or did Algarin want to hide his real identity?

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