Tradition: Baby Reds and Real Life Raisings

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RedAjah5.png Baby Reds

When someone is raised to Red Aes Sedai at a big party, we try to get them a bunch of stuff for being the new "Baby Red". It goes along with the "Baby Red" signature that new Red Aes Sedai wear. This usually involves bibs, pacifiers and bottles that must be worn for the remainder of the evening.

Of course, this assumes another Red is at the event who remembered to bring the stuff...

You may well see our new Reds wearing this signature around the forums:

Traditional BabyRed Signature‎

RedAjah5.png Real Life Raisings

Here are photos from Eala's real-life raising: "Baby Red" Ealandrelle Sedai, newly Raised at B&I 2014