Stedding Tsofu

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Tsofu is an Ogier stedding in Cairhien, just over a day from the city. It is the closest stedding to any human habitation, but even so, is a day from the nearest village (LoC, Ch. 20). It was re-discovered after Cairhien was built, around six hundred years ago so the Ogier who built planted a grove to remind them of the trees, rather than visiting Tsofu (TGH, Ch. 32; Ch. 33). Despite its youth, it does have a waygate (TGH, Ch. 32). Rand and the company chasing the Horn visit Tsofu to use the waygate when chasing Fain and the Horn (TGH, Ch. 35), but he has persuaded Machin Shin to block it (TSR, Ch. 36). The Elders however, know of a nearby Portal Stone, which they are able to use instead.

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