The Shadow Rising: Chapter 36

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

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Points of View: Rand, Mat


The morning after returning from Rhuidean, Rand and all the Aiel leave Chaendaer and meet peddlers on their way to Imre Stand.


Rand's Point of View:

Setting: En route to Imre Stand

Characters: Rand, Mat, Rhuarc, Heirn, Aviendha

The Aiel break camp and leave Rhuidean, Rand and Mat riding with Rhuarc and Heirn at the front of four hundred Jindo. Couladin and the Shaido also leave Rhuidean, even though ten days have not passed since Muradin entered the city. Moiraine, Egwene and Lan ride with the Wise Ones.

As they travel, Rand and Aviendha talk. "Elayne is the woman for you." Aviendha proceeds to paint out in detail exactly why she thinks this way. When she starts to describe Elayne's body to Rand, he becomes embarrassed. "She is the woman for you," she insists. "Elayne has laid her heart at your feet for a bridal wreath. Do you think there was anyone in the Stone of Tear who does not know?" She proceeds to tell Rand that Elayne meant everything she wrote in her letters to him, which confuses Rand to no end; the two letters that she wrote him are completely contradictory.

Mat's Point of View:

Setting: En route to Imre Stand Characters: Mat, Rand, Aviendha, Rhuarc, Heirn, Couladin, Hadnan Kadere, Keille Shaogi

Meanwhile, Mat is riding and considering a number of things; Rand and Aviendha, his refusal to be Healed the night before and what happened in Rhuidean. "I've been to Rhuidean. I've done what those snake folk said I had to."

As they ride, they see a group of approaching peddlers' wagons. They are unknowingly (so they say) heading towards Rhuidean, and are stopped by Rhuarc and the Aiel. The peddler introduces himself as Hadnan Kadere. Rhuarc tells them that they will accompany them to Imre Stand.

Couladin wishes for the Shaido to escort the peddlers, but Rhuarc refuses. "Have you become a clan chief when I did not see? The peddler seeks Cold Rocks Hold. He will journey with me." He then tells Couladin that the Shaido are welcome to trade with the peddler as well. Couladin says that he will camp near Cold Rocks, and then goes on to say that He Who Comes With the Dawn does not concern only the Taardad, but all the Aiel. He also says that the Shaido, too, will follow He Who Comes With the Dawn, but he does not acknowledge that this is Rand.

Mat expresses a wish to buy a hat like the one that Hadnan Kadere is wearing. A woman appears, and sells him Kadere's hat for a gold mark. She is Keille Shaogi, the senior peddler. Kadere tells her that they will be opening trade that night at Imre Stand.

When Rand and Mat begin talking about Couladin, Aviendha attempts to explain the argument between Rhuarc and Couladin. She tells them that it does not concern ji'e'toh, but rather the fact that Couladin is trying to behave as a clan chief.

Rand is distrustful of Kadere. "Kadere's eyes. All that sweating, going white in the face. Yet his eyes never changed. You always have to watch the eyes. Not what he seems." Rand goes on to say some more stuff, and Mat is afraid that he might already be going crazy from the taint on saidin.


Character Development

  • She tells Rand that Elayne is the woman for him - not looking beyond her own culture
  • She seems to think Rand is a fool for not knowing that Couladin not being allowed to act as a Clan Chief isn't a thing of Ji'e'toh, though really, there is no reason he should understand.
  • Rand is missing Min - she never makes him feel like an idiot
  • Rand doesn't seem to connect Aviendha going to Rhuidean with Wise Ones going
  • He refuses Moiraine's offer to Heal him


  • What has begun with the arrival of the peddlars


  • Rand tells Mat not to talk about the Tua'athon as they are a touchy subject. Why would this be so? Only the Aiel and Wise Ones know that they split off from the Aiel and kept the way of the Leaf


First Appearance

Dorindha, Hadnan Kadere, Keille Shaogi

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  • Rhuarc sarcastically asks if Couladin became a clan chief while he did not see. He does later get the tattoos while Rhuard could not see


  • Does Lanfear disguise her voice as Keille?

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