Ways to Turn a Fade Back to the Light

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Ways to turn a Fade back to the Light

by Melana al'Cairera, Aes Sedai

No-one has walked in the Dark for so long that they can't come back to the Light, and henceforth we're going to assume that this holds true for the Fades too.

The most well-known theory within the science of turning Fades back to the Light, is the one where 13 Aes Sedai channel at a Fade through 13 tinkers. This experiment has never actually taken place though, so whether or not it is an efficient method is as of yet unknown. "But surely," you say "if it so happens that this method fails, there must be other ways to turn a Fade back to the Light."Yes my friend, surely, there must be!

In order to discover ways to turn a Fade to the Light, we first need to look at the methods of turning ordinary people to the Dark. How does the Shadow do this? Well, we already know about the method of thirteen dreadlords channeling through 13 fades to turn an Aes Sedai to the Dark. But we also know that there are other ways. Promises of power and eternal lives. Wealthiness. Brownies. Yes, it does indeed seem quite tempting, doesn't it? And if you don't fall for those clever tricks, there is also the option of threats.

What the people of the Light needs to do, is to arrange a similar deal. What can we offer a Fade to make it turn to the Light? A set of new eyes? The possibility to travel via the light and not just via the shadows? We haven't figured out the secret of eternal life yet, but the eyes should make up for that, especially if we on top of that also offer them the possibility to pursue their own interests, something I'm sure the Dark One never even would think of!

And don't forget folks, we too have brownies!!