Which WoT Character Would Make a Good VC?

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Author: Dain Fedwin

Essay Submitted For Raising To Gaidin

Assignment: name one character from the books who is not already a Warder and explain why he would fit perfectly in your company.

Candidate for Val'Cueran

Frantically searching my head for a possible candidate to be Val'Cueran,I soon realized that this was more difficult than I had imagined. To find someone handsome and cool enough to be Val'Cueran, that is quite the challenge. Of course he also had to be honourable, full of valour and those things too, but handsome enough to be VC?

(And of course there was the problem that I didn't know what an Essay was)

After long and careful consideration, and searching the Internet for instructions on how to write an essay, I have found my conclusion.

Martyn Tallanvor

Martyn Tallanvor of the queen's guard is a minor character in Wheel of Time, and not much is written about him. Still I think he would be an excellent example for a Val'Cueran. The merit of being an officer of the Queen's Guard does not need much explaining. Besides page up and page down is written about how much he would sacrifice for his beloved queen. He would follow her around to the Plains of Ashes, and would probably do anything for Queen Morgase.

I really think Tallanvor is the textbook example of a real Val'Cueran. He's loyal, handsome and quite the fencer. This is a man who thinks no action is too base when his loved ones are in question. These are all traits highly valued in the company, but being handsome also helps....