Whitecloak War

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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion, confirming the information. Other information is also included in the Companion, but we did not use it in the TarValon.Net Library.

The Whitecloak War was a conflict between the Children of the Light, led by Pedron Niall, Altara, Murandy and Illian, led by Mattin Stepaneos. It began in 957NE when Illian and Murandy concerns about Whitecloak plans for Altara escelated into all out conflict. The Whitecloaks were initially succesfull, but took more land than they could hold and the initial borders were eventually reaffirmed (TWoRJTWoT, Ch. 14).

The Battle of Soremaine

A battle in the Whitecloak war in which the Whitecloaks won a decisive victory, capturing Mattin Stepaneos. The army escaped due to the action of the Illianer Companions (LoC, Ch. 9).