Why Spam Shouldn't be Sent in Private Messages

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Author: Alanya al'Mora

Sending out pms to random people asking to join a website is very disrespectful and rude. It's rude because if that person you send the pm to uses their pm box for business related things on TarValon.Net, or any where for that matter, the pm you send them could block some very important pm that could drastically affect the site. Also, it is disrespectful because if you just pick people to pm about the site it shows that you don't really care about them or that you are just a silly little kid and are a waste of their time.

Another thing is that if that person had wanted to know about another site dealing with WoT or any else for that matter, they would have made a thread or sent me a pm asking if I or anyone knew of any site that they are curious in. Spamming pms also are as annoying as telemarketeers, because in a way it is the exact same thing, the only difference being this is on the internet and the other is in RL and on the phone.

Also if the person you pm doesn't particularly like you and you pm them, that could make for a bad day of thinking evil thoughts and wondering why you wasted their pm box space. Seriously I know if I get a pm from someone I don't like that it makes me have a bad rest of the day thinking about why I dislike this person and maybe I should change the way I think of them.

I completely understand why this may have upset some people and I apologize greatly for any inconvenience I may have caused by doing this. I acted immaturely and wool headedly. It will not happen again. Have a good day and please forgive my actions regarding this subject.