Why We Need a Current Events Forum in TarValon

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Author: Junior Member Contributors

Being such a diverse group of members, hailing from all over the world, a current events forum allows us Tarvalonites to discuss matters that affect our daily lives and the lives of others. Secondly, without a current events forum, our opinions and ramblings of news headlines and global happenings would find their way into other forums, causing irrelevant distractions and the hijacking of other threads. Lastly, the behavior and decorum demonstrated in the forum should be such as to make an Aes Sedai proud.

We are able to benefit from international perspectives on events that happen around us and are exposed to news from different parts of the world. This exposure is not always present in everyday news sources such as newsprint and television broadcasts, most of which focus only on major world events or those of a more local nature. Furthermore, not only do we learn of events we might not have heard of otherwise, we also benefit from experiencing the multitude of differing views and opinions that are so readily posted by Tarvalonites. These views and opinions allow us to look at current events in different lights.

Without a current events forum to contain our plethora of opinions concerning that which occurs around us and all over the world, the discussions that take place in the current events forum would find their way into other forums, places not meant to house our views and ramblings. Anarchy! Yes, complete and utter anarchy would befall TarValon.Net, debates on religion would find their ways into The Classroom - distracting all from the learning, arguments about the ethics of cloning, abortion, and sending hamsters into space would overwhelm the City Hall, and the Aes Sedai and mods would all go bald from all the braid tugging and hair pulling caused by the chaos.

The way in which we behave in the current events forum is directly related to whether we are allowed to continue to post or are forever banned. As such, although one is not expected to always agree with others, one must nevertheless show respect for the opinions and beliefs of others. Refraining from making generalizations about people, faiths, countries and pretty much anything and everything is always a safe bet when trying to avoid causing a ruckus. Personal attacks as well as derogatory comments and remarks are not tolerated, and should be avoided.

In conclusion, a current events forum in TarValon is a good thing. It exposes us to international events that we might not otherwise learn about through traditional means and we get to experience the news from an international perspective. The current events forum also helps to contain our opinions and views about events and occurrences to one isolated place with the city, and help prevent them from finding their way into places they should not and need not be. One should always keep in mind that to post in the current events forum is a privilege and not a right; thus, behave and BE NICE!